Sep 1, 2011

We are Our Biggest Obstacle.

I have come to realize that when you are ready to accomplish your dreams, when you are ready to put in the work and work hard for the dream, that things align to allow for you to accomplish what you are working so hard for. 

Personally, in my life, I have seen this happen to me twice.  First when I was starting out in triathlon but really did not have a clue or the equipment and to top it all off, my bike got stolen.  I was able to buy a new bike, a nice bike, at discount at my LBS, and because I wrote a review on about it, I won a wetsuit FREE!  Then, because I wrote about my endeavors of fitness and triathlon on this very blog, Pearl Izumi sent me free running shoes to test, and O-Water sent me a case of sport water to try out.  Everything aligned and I had no more excuses... I was going to be a triathlete.  When all I saw were obstacles in my way, others saw potential.  I had nearly given up on my dream, but the universe saw it differently.  

I never looked back.

 The second time the universe has opened up and everything aligned is happening right now. Maybe it is not some magical door opening allowing for success, but rather that I am now seeing it more clearly.  Seeing what was always there, if I was to have shifted my focus from failure to possibility.  

I think that we as people believe that the world throws obstacles in our way to tear us down and stop us in our tracks.  I used to think this way too, until I realized something pretty basic. Well, two things actually.  Firstly I have put all the obstacles in my way and no one else has.  Me all the way.  I would take every inconvenience and turn it in to a progress stopping excuse to skip the workout, eat like a 5 year old, or doubt myself and my abilities.

By this, I mean that I was not willing to work for my dreams.  I wanted the outcome, the dream, but I was not really ready to work for it.  If I was, I would not have taken every tired evening, hungry belly, or grumpy mood as a "get out of workout" free card.

This is the inner saboteur at work.  Making something that is pretty easy to overcome (just go do it!) but it turns into an insta-reason to bail on doing the right thing.  I bet you that 9 times out of 10, if you start something that you are hesitant about, be it a run, a gym session, a bike ride or swim, that a few minutes into it you feel better and are able to complete the workout.  I think that this is where something is better than nothing comes into play.  If you are not up for the prescribed workout, at least go and do what you can.  You may surprise yourself!  It is when we push through these mental days that we realize that we are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

We are our biggest obstacle.

Secondly, I have realized that these obstacles are just tests, similar to the weeder classes in college (Physics II anyone?)  They separate the dreamers from the doers.   If we overcome them, then we had the desire to work hard for our dreams and would not allow some minor detour to derail us.  Once we realize what our dreams are and we are not only ready to put in the work but we do, the path clears or rather we can see the path much clearer.

Obstacles are now little bumps that we may no longer even notice.  This is because instead of being focused on the things IN OUR WAY, that are taking away from our dreams, we are focused on the things IN OUR HEART that are driving us to accomplish our dreams.

We re-frame our sights to be around the goal, the total journey, not just the things put in our way to stop us.  How many obstacles have you put in your own way?  How many excuses have you made, today?

This trip to Florida has allowed me some much needed time off from my normal life.  I have re-dedicated myself to my goals of fitness, strength, endurance and balance and all of a sudden things are aligning in the exact right way for me to succeed.   Is this a re-alignment or just me finally seeing the path?  Either way, it is all good!


raulgonemobile said...

"We are our biggest obstacle." ---- so true!

Yeah, there's been many a day where I haven't wanted to go work out. In the end, if I get out the door, I'm generally really glad I did.

Unknown said...