Aug 7, 2011

I am not superwoman.

Although I totally play her in my dreams.

I came to this realization this weekend while on my 5o mile bike ride. I am just over 1 month out from my half ironman. I have so much more work on the bike to do since I was without one for nearly 3 months due to manufacturer issues. Yes issues. Three separate issues in fact.

I figured, well I will just double my efforts on the bike in the next month. And then I realized that my time for training was coming to an end due to vacation and school and I was not going to enjoy the race experience this year with a major graduate paper hanging over my head. My half iron race, as it turned out, was in the middle of finals week and this term I have a really crazy busy class.

I realized that between work, school, marathon training, half ironman training, and home I only have so much time. Notice how I did not put sleep in there. I wrote an email to Revolution3 Triathlon requesting a credit on my entry so I can register for 2012, and withdraw from 2011.

I am upset only in that I was really excited for this race, but I have too much going on and the race will always be there. My schooling ends in December only if I work my butt off until then. So - the triathlon had to go. Overall I am happy with my decision as it really was the correct one.

So I have a 5k race this week Thursday, a sprint triathlon next week Wednesday, a half marathon in October, and the marathon in October to pull me through the rest of the year. I still have a lot on my plate, but now it is more manageable. :-)

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