Oct 3, 2011

Taper Day 1... now what do I do?

Oh my gosh.  I made it through training uninjured, well prepared and excited for taper.  


I have done as much homework and now I am ready for the test.  Detroit Marathon in 2 weeks! 

So since I have never trained for a marathon (correction, I have never trained adequately for a marathon) to deserve a taper week, I have no idea what to do with one, let alone two.  I have seven runs left until Detroit: 3-5-3-8-3-4-3-MARATHON!  <3

I was curious today.  Outside of following the taper plan, what does one do or rather not do during their taper time?  And so to the interwebs I went!  Here is what I found from a great article at MarathonTraining.com; complete advise for physical, mental, and nutritional prepardness for the raceday.

Here we go, the final countdown to race day. 

*deep breath* 

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