Jul 19, 2011

Mid-week Check-in

This past week was actually pretty good. I got in 3 solid 1 hour - 2 hour bikes, 4 runs varying from 1 to 9 miles, two of which were 8 and 9 milers, and a nearly 1 mile swim in open water. This week I have done not too much so far, but it is a mid-week race week so I am focusing more on rest and school.

Tomorrow's race is a sprint tri. I am not racing it, more so just using it for transition practice. I am going to take the swim as it is, bike easy keeping HR low, and then run smart no walking. This will be hard given the 100* weather (index, not actual), but it is doable.

I have officially resigned from run/walking in training. My goal for Detroit is to run it all the way through, but we shall see. I do not like the run walk motion that much. I am struggling with this as my running partner is a run walker and I don't want her to feel like I am leaving her.

At this point, I am feeling really good for Rev3 HalfRev, and am feeling good about Detroit. I have never been this consistent in training, and the rewards are showing mentally.

Consistency is King! Now I just need to get back into the water more consistent. I need to do 3 swims a week, 3 bikes a week and 3-4 runs a week. So far I am hitting the bike, almost the run and no where near the swim. This week I have a 2 to 2.4 mile swim on tap for Thursday as active recovery from tomorrow's workout. :-) That would be the longest that I have ever swam continually in open water, or even in pool workout doing sets.

My Thursday swims will all be at the least 1.6 miles now.

Looking ahead to Rev3, I need to really get comfy on the tri bike for 3 hours time, and then run solidly off of it. If I can run the half marathon all the way through, even at a 13 minute mile (for sake of goal setting) I can still finish in under 7 hours. That would be over a 30 minute PR over last year. I really wanted to hit 6:30 this year, but to do that I need to kick my running and my biking into high gear and get some speed work done. Wind will be a factor on the bike for sure, so my goal of 18 MPH may be a reality of 16 or 17. Time to focus on run strength off of the bike for sure!

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay, sounds like someone has a plan! U go gurl.............