Jul 11, 2011

A Return to Blogging.

Two posts in 5 minutes? Wow. Someone stop me.

So I am returning to regular blogging. I find that this is a good release for me to catalog my journey in life. My journey has changed over the past 5 years. What started out as the Journey to a half marathon (hence the URL), turned into the journey to becoming a happy runner, then the journey morphed into that of becoming a triathlete, then to the journey of becoming a half Ironman, and now - now the journey is taking me to ultra distanced proportions. The ultra marathon (50k, 50 miles) and the ultra distanced triathlon (140.6 miles).

Since I have a blog titled "The Journey", I really should be capturing it better. I blog daily in my training journal, but find that putting it out here helps me on days that I want to reminisce. It is really interesting to read this little piece of the Internet from my first post. I was very VERY insecure, even after having run two marathons and quite a few half marathons. I felt like all that I was every capable of was 13.1 miles. I dreaded the marathon.

My how things change.

I remember thinking and publicly discussing how people I used to have in my life would judge me because my fitness fell (of course, all in my head). I remember saying about how I was going to embark on the triathlon, but would never EVER consider doing an Ironman. No way no how.


One thing that I have learned on this journey is to never say never. Your dreams one day may just be a memory the next, but at some point you wanted one thing so badly... that you started a blog.

Here is my return to blogging. Here is to seeing what wonderful stop is on the journey ahead!

Happy trails!

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