Jul 11, 2011

Been way too long! Many updates! Holy cow! Oh, and Hi! :-)

I am a horrible HORRIBLE blogger. But that is life when you are working double time to finish your MBA in 1 year, training for a half Ironman and a Marathon, and working full time. Cest la vie!

So an update on the running front - I have been very consistent for me - however still not hitting even 80% of my training for Detroit. I find that when I run with my running group or my running partner Anne I run all the time. Take them away, or me away from them and not so much. I find myself saying, oh I only I have an 8 mile on tap tomorrow - nice and easy! Last year I would have cringed at 8 miles, and that was with running all of my half marathons and a half Ironman.

This year I found love in running, love in triathlon. Freedom in the sport. Freedom to just go out, play and have fun. What has been the return on this playful investment? I won some hardware at my races (2nd and 3rd places) in a field of more than 2 or 3 racers (hahahaha), and I have really gotten stronger. I feel like a real triathlete now. One that has to trust herself and enjoy this process, not one that has to struggle to fine her way any longer. I feel complete zen.

I also was a 3 hour pacer at the Let's Move half marathon and myself, Anne and Jen paced a dead on 3 hour half marathon - 3:00:23. And from that point on I have been able to pace myself just fine.

My running pace is now down into the 10's. On log runs I run on the 11's or 12's. I run walk some of the longer runs, but I can run a 10k if not longer all the way through. My new goal for Detroit Marathon is to run/walk the first 13.1 miles and then run the last 13.1 miles. I am hoping for a time between 5:00 and 5:30, but I will be happy with whatever the clock says as long as I finish strong and happy.

My endurance has sky rocketed! I have been doing mile+ open water swims, 3 and 4 hour bike rides and long runs every week now. I am having so much fun with this. I never want it to end. And that is how I know that I have grown. I have reached another milestone in my life.

I have found my lifestyle. I am not longer a triathlon hobbyist. I am a triathlete. I swim I bike I run. I do all in succession on occasion. It was by finding my path in the sport by not being super speedy but having a good time out there, that I know that I am ready for the Ironman in 2012. There is not even a question on my ability or my desire. I am enjoying this process too much.

I have a few marathons, an ultra, a Goofy weekend, and an Ironman to look forward to in the near future. That translates into a lot of time outside with awesome people, and getting amazing foot massages from Mike after a long hard run.

Life is good my friends! LIFE IS GOOD!