Dec 10, 2009

Swimmy swim swim and Bikey bike bike. Santa Claus is coming to town!

Sadly, I start too many posts in this fashion. Post something then run for cover for a few weeks. Last I posted was what, over a month ago now? Great blogging practices are not being put to use around here.

Some life things have changed. Mike and I purchased our first house. We moved, and now we are geting used to home ownership. Fun times!

We have a 3 bedroom, 3 bath ranch with a large porch, stoop, and a full deck in the backyard. We also have a 2.5 car garage (detached). The basement is finished, which works out well for us.

The basement serves as a video game / training room. It is finished in such a way that we have a bathroom, a laundry room, a large open area which is carpeted, and an additional back room with an epoxy floor which will be perfect for bike maintanence purposes.

We now have the near ultimate in home fitness areas. Bikes on trainers, P90x workout stations, yoga/pilates area, and free weights.

The only thing I am missing is a treadmill and an endless pool. For sake of space, I will go to the gym if I really need to run or swim and the weather is not permitting. Although, I really would like a treadmill... we will see how this winter/spring goes for training.

Lucky for me - the South Oakland YMCA is all of 2 miles from my front door. And, bonus! The North Oakland YMCA is all of 5 miles from my office.

This training room will come in handy for us, particularly me for my 2010 race season.

Life change #2 for me...

Mike and I were both accepted to the Racing GREYHOUNDS for the 2010 season. I was accepted to the racing team, Mike to the sport team.

Unlike FAST which was more swim focused of a club, the GREYHOUNDS are a competitive racing team from Cycle to Fitness so they are bike focused. They have Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Triathlon, and Cyclocross teams and events, with a 5 race minimum to be on the team.

I have not turned away from FAST and to some of my friends in FAST the decision fo rme to join GREYHOUNDS was not a shock. I turned down the 2009 GREYHOUNDS acceptance because of my affiliation with FAST. I decided though, that it is in my best interest to move to the GREYHOUNDS and to work on my cycling skills on and off road.

I am still swimming this winter for FAST in the swim meets and I have some major points to gain in the State meet this year.

The only real difference for me will be my kit come tri season.

My base building adventure has not started only due to pure laziness on my part. I have travelled a lot, and have spent all moments not travelling, doing home things.

Tonight I am doing the P90x fit test, and taking my pre pictures. NASTY will pretty much sum up my appearance, but in 90 days I should see improvement.

I am also hitting the pool and my bike again, and working in yoga and running to round it all out.

Gotta get a groove on!

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