Mar 23, 2009

The Muncie Endurathon Report - Week 5. Wait... what? Really? Already?!?!

As a new feature on the 'Muncie Endurathon Report', I will be adding my week's training overview - goals, volume, and details. Can you say "type-A personality"? I prefer "numbers geek" myself. ;)

Week 5 Goals:
1. To follow my plan only missing at most 1 workout.
2. To return to healthy, accountable eating. Weight is the same for 3 weeks now, and it is not a plateau.
3. To have fun this week, and get ready for the State Swim meet this weekend.

Week 5 Planned Time: 8h 57m

Week 5 Training:
Three swims on tap outside of State Meet.
Two are with 100 repeats and drills, one is a 1200 meter long swim @ moderate intensity. Total swim workouts range from 1800m to 1900m

Three bikes on tap: one hill work, two aerobic conditioning ranging from 1h 5m, to 2h in duration.

Two runs on tap; one 47 minute speed workout with :30 repeats, and one 35 minute pace run followed by a intense speedwork strides ( 4 x :20 second with :40 recoveries)

1 brick of 1 hour mod intensity on bike, 20 minutes mod intensity run.

How did this happen? Is it true? I am already in week 5 of my Muncie Endurathon training? It is odd because my calendar is saying this, but the past four weeks really have flown by. Wow, isn't life fast?

This in no way is a bad thing, as training has been going very well. I feel that I am ready for a sprint race at any moment, and could feasibly finish an Olympic race without much worry, just not so sure how the final time would be although I would finish strong.

I inadvertantly took last week quasi-off (oopsy) but in all reality needed the time to regroup and make a decision about the Martian Half Marathon and how finishing it really helped in my half ironman goals. In the end this one week will not really matter as long as this is the only one I take off as such, and because the first 8 weeks of my training plan are base-building and my base was already a little above where the training plan started me. I feel like I am easing into the more serious training that will come in three more weeks.

I am really going to have some quality workouts ahead of me, and starting April 7th the FAST Tuesday night bricks come back into play! CELEBRATE!

Starting Memorial Day weekend both the Thursday night swim/bike bricks and the Saturday morning open water swims/ long bike rides will resume.

The way I look at it, now is the time to get a feel for training volumes and what I can attain in them, so if I miss one here or there it is more acceptable and less damaging if this were to happen during the ciritical weeks of training.

Already I feel good and stronger in all three disciplines, so I am happy to say that if the goal of base building is to give me the foundation to work on speed and efficiency in the bulk of my future training, then base-building works!

Train well, train happy!
~ RunnerGirl Jenn

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