Mar 20, 2009

Martian Half Marathon Update - AKA Not gonna do it!

I have been slacking on my long distance runs and really spending a lot of time in the pool and saddle.

It is not that I do not enjoy running by any means, I just happened to fall back in love with swimming and biking. My inital reason for doing the Martian half marathon was to make sure that I was able to handle the half marathon at the end of my July Half Ironman triathlon. Looking back now, that was sort of stupid of me as I am a half marathoner and I love running the distance, so I really do not know what I was afraid of.

What I failed to take into consideration in my grand planning is that half marathon training would end up overlapping with half ironman training and my rest day would disappear, as well as I would be on 2-a-day and 3-a-day workouts EVERY DAY.

As for being able to handle the half marathon at the end of the half ironman race - after 20 weeks of training for it I would hope that I would be ready! I have been sidetracked with warmer weather, getting ready for swim meets (OMG Do I LOVE swim meets!) and wanting to spend more time outside on the bike with Mike. Running has taken a back seat, and while I still run 4-6 miles a time, three days a week, I am not ready for a happy half marathon. So I have decided to switch my Martian entry to the 5K and run it along side Mike for support.

So what does this mean for Muncie? Nothing. Nothing changes at all in the negative which is wonderful. Without Martian on my schedule, my day to day schedule has really opened up and now I am feeling way less guilty about not getting in the last 11 or 12 miler before the race.

I will be ready for all my other half marathons as my tri training takes care of that, and I have back my valued rest day!

The bonus to all of this, I am now able to spend a lot more time with Mike, as he really is my top priority. I do triathlon and half marathons for fun and fitness, I am with Mike for life.

This also means that I have more time to spend with friends and trying new things. :) Bring it on 2009 - so far it has been wonderful and it looks to onl be getting better.

One thing I am going to do (aside from trying rock climbing) is starting my own business! Well, in a way.

I have decided, after using their products, that I am going to become an independant consultant for Arbonne. I adore their products and look forward to sharing them with the world! I am not all about pressuring people to join my line and sell the products themselves, but if you are interested in trying them out or buying them let me know! My business debut will be at the end of April, and I will have a myarbonne website up and running by then.

I would like to do a few presentations a week, and have decided to offer my services to bridal parties and spa parties as I think these products are wonderful and I have seen really good results in a short time of using them.


chia said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with your training this year! Great times -- rooting for you!

MaineSport said...

As a former swimmer, I totally understand favoring it over the run! Unfortunately, triathlons favor the run far more than the swim.