Mar 23, 2009

Thought for the day - do not hope more than you work.

Today is going to be a prolific thought day I can already tell. :)

Further examination of the occurences leading up to my decision to not run in the Martian half Marathon leads me to today's thought for the day.

Thought for the day - do not hope more than you work.

Sometimes we hope and hope and hope for something, putting a lot of emotional energy towards the goal. No one can say that we do not have our hearts in it, that is for sure! However, if we do not put much physical energy towards the goal, how will we ever really achieve it?

Hope makes a good breakfast, (meaning a it is a good thing to get us started) but makes a horrible supper (meaning you cannot sustain life on hope alone.)

If you are hoping for something in your life, are you taking the right steps and working towards it?

I need to step back at times and think about this question myself. I hope for 'x' but find that I am really working towards 'y'. This was the case with the Martian Half Marathon.

Aligning our goals with our actions takes some time and practice, but with patience soon all the pieces will come together and assure that you are on the path to success.

Sometimes turning around to find a different exit is just what we need to assure that we continue moving forward. You do not have to continue on with a wrong turn, and dead ends are not really the end.

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chia said...

Except for when your butt falls asleep on the can. Then a dead end really is an end. I'm just sayin'.

On the flip side, do not work for more than you hope. Several of us fall victim to overtraining in effort to achieve the achievable. See, you did the smart thing and withdrew from the race. Me, I woulda cranked out a 10 miler the weekend prior, called it good, then went to do it just for one of their kick tush shirts. I'm sorry, but those tech shirts are so tacki-riffic!!!

I love it when you get all profound on us :-). Good luck achieving your "y's"!!!