Dec 7, 2008

NCC Week 1 Update

As of today, 1 week into the challenge, I am as follows:

SWIM : 5030.62 yards out of 20,000 for my goal - that is over 25% of the way done!

BIKE: 49 out of 60 miles - that is nearly 82% done!

and RUN: *blink* Oh, crap. 2.5 out of 40 miles or rather... 6.25% done. HAHAHAHAHAHA... well thank goodness I start half marathon training (for Martian) on the 15th. I will at the least get in a good 30 miles in those two weeks... but then again... I am OFF OF WORK FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2008 STARTING 12/10.

Yeah... I got free time, yo.

Oooooky then.

Looks like this girl needs to lace up her shoes!

I will be swimming at either 3:30PM OR 5:30AM with Jenny B - the 2009 VP of Swim for F.A.S.T., and then swimming on Sundays with the Y group until FAST comes on board in Janaury. I have no excuse not to get in a good 10,000 yards a week starting 12/8.

Oh... and by the way, I am the new V.P. of Triathlon for F.A.S.T.! I will be setting up some cool programs for newbies and endurance pro's a like.

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