Nov 23, 2008

On Opportunities

A funny thing happened in the locker room at Life Time Fitness in Commerce today. After my swmi session and hot tub recovery, we were back in the locker room and I was getting ready for the rest of the day.

A lady at the locker next to me was listening to my friend Melissa and I talking and ends up telling us that she is from Africa, and the first time she even saw a pool was in college.

She got really serious and said that she was from a land of few opportunities and when she saw the pool - she knew that there was an opportunity there, and the first thing she did was learn how to swim.

I thought it was a neat story - but then I realized something. We each are given opportunities in life, but how often do we really take them?

I think that everyday we are given the opportunity to look on a more positive side of things, we are blessed with operational bodies and we should use them, or maybe we have some physical ailments, but we have sound minds.

Opportunities lie everywhere - from making healthier choices for our bodies, to making smarter choices for our environment.

The opportunities are as small or as large as we are able to make them, but the responsibility lies with us to take them and make them something more.

So what opportunities have come your way today? Did you even notice them?

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Anonymous said...

Post of the day... you are absolutely correct. (I am having a rough day... this helped immensely.)