Jun 29, 2008


It is 11pm EDT and all flights are backed up! For the record, I have been either in an airport or on a plane for nearly 12 hours. I still have another 3 hours to go!


chia said...

Ahhh ya I don't miss it. I was laid over in Amsterdam once for 14 hours and although we did take the train into the city for a bit, we were forced back into the depths of the airport for like EVER to the point where I took all my empty water bottels (10 i think) and played slip and slide bowling in terminal D.

Hope you made it safely!!!

Unknown said...

Oh crap! I hope you made where you needed to go.

Doug said...

Time for an update. Tell us about how you are going to do at Clark Lake.

I'll be there with the video camera for pre- and post- race interviews :), MTV Real World style :).