Jun 4, 2008

How quickly it all changes.

Jenn + Bike + Park ranger's F150 on paved bike trails = no tri for me.

Bike's rear tire is shredded, rear wheel is beyond real repair (stretched spokes, major bend, major knarledness, major crimping, major not good), and I am not in the best shape either. Road rash hurts folks. I mean ouch. OUCH.

No wheel in house to fit my bike and the repair may be too expensive, so I may have to wait until July to fix it which means that I MAY be out two triathlons.

I am so bummed. No. I am crushed.

I will find out Friday (maybe) if the bike is safe to ride or not. If not - then I am without words.

For once.


Melissa said...

Oh no, Jenn! I'm so sorry to hear about this. :-(

TNTcoach Ken said...

Sorry to hear that RunnerGirl.

LK said...

AHHHH I just got your message and read this!!! AHHHHHHHH

Rocks said...

Oh man, that sucks. Dont quit though, get on the horn and call all the giant dealers in the area and find that wheel. At least one shop in the Detroit area should have it.

Doug said...

OMG! What happened!?!?!?!? Did some old dude in that F-150 not see you on Hines or something? We need more detail. You want to borrow a set of wheels?!!?!?!?! I have a few extra. Is your old cassette usable, I don't have any extra 10 speed cassettes. Give me a call, I'll have my work cell with me on Hines tonight after work (after I pick up the car from being fixed [again]).

Run For Life said...

Crap. I reaaaalllly hope that you'll be able to do the tri. Good luck with everything and feel better soon.