Jun 2, 2008

1/2 mile swim in the books.

<--- not me.

Today I accomplished a nice and easy 23.5 minute 1/2 mile swim. I mixed up freestyle and breast stroke to see how it affected my energy.

Wow. It was very doable.

I also practiced sighting like my friend Jaclyn told me she does it - while she is breathing, she follows her arm with her head to sneak a peak at the line ahead of her.

It works!

So I just went and went and went. The 50's were just flying by. The 100's were flying by even.

I am still a little miffed that I have to mix up my strokes, but hey my first road race I walked in, so breast stroking in my equivalent of run/walking. Someday I will be able to freestyle the whole way. Sunday just may not be the day.

My nerves are settling down now.


Life. Is. Good.



chia said...

You're almost a verified triathlete :-). **insert girly squeal and clappies here*** :-D

Unknown said...