Jun 5, 2008

I love Bikesport Michigan.

Tom Demerly (the owner of Bikesport Michigan) just saved my triathlon.

As would have Cycle To Fitness, and no less than 6 other people who have offered me bikes and wheels for the weekend so that I could still participate in Ann Arbor.

D&D Cycle in Northville did nothing to help get me back on the road... in fact they still have my bike and I still have no wheel.

Tom Demerly from Bikesport Michigan saw my post on what happened and he immediately offered me a loaner bike for the weekend.

Many other Michigan BTers offered up their bikes and wheels for me in case I was still in need.

That is AMAZING to me.

Tomorrow night after work I am heading down to Bikesport in Dearborn to get fit and to take home a loaner bike. Free of charge.


THIS is why I love this sport. Fall and all sorts of people come to your side to help you back up.

Sorry so short - I need to get some things done, but more information will follow!

Ann Arbor is BACK ON!!!!
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