Jun 5, 2008

I love Bikesport Michigan.

Tom Demerly (the owner of Bikesport Michigan) just saved my triathlon.

As would have Cycle To Fitness, and no less than 6 other people who have offered me bikes and wheels for the weekend so that I could still participate in Ann Arbor.

D&D Cycle in Northville did nothing to help get me back on the road... in fact they still have my bike and I still have no wheel.

Tom Demerly from Bikesport Michigan saw my post on what happened and he immediately offered me a loaner bike for the weekend.

Many other Michigan BTers offered up their bikes and wheels for me in case I was still in need.

That is AMAZING to me.

Tomorrow night after work I am heading down to Bikesport in Dearborn to get fit and to take home a loaner bike. Free of charge.


THIS is why I love this sport. Fall and all sorts of people come to your side to help you back up.

Sorry so short - I need to get some things done, but more information will follow!

Ann Arbor is BACK ON!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bikesport? You got to be kidding.

Unknown said...


Melissa said...

WOO HOO!!!! Yay, Tom! :)

Jenniferlyn said...

Anon. - Not kidding at all! Despite what you think, Tom really is a great guy. He has a lot of knowledge and he shares it. In addition BSM is neutral support for the AA race, so he told me that this was like extended support :).

TNTcoach Ken said...

Good for you, now you have to represent!

IronWaddler said...

Yay! Great guy for helping out! Good luck to you! It's all falling into place.

chia said...

Good things happen to excellent peeps ;-).

Special thanks to Bikesport Michigan. I'm definitely stopping in the next time I find myself on that side of the state. Bless all!

Run For Life said...

Woohhoooo!!! So glad to hear that. :)

Doug said...

What will be your next race after you run away with 2nd at this one?