Jun 16, 2008

Gettin' back to basics

That is what I am here for folks!
I am hankering down on my training so here goes.

Well I did it. The inaugural run in my [potential] marathon [or half] training program in now in the books.

On tap was a 3 miler to break the ice. Odd since I have been running 10k training runs for months now, but it is nice to get back to the start of something.

I feel fresh and rejuvenated, so this came at the perfect time for me. I did this run nice and easy on pace, difficult on terrain.

I chose my neighborhood which is strictly hills, hills, a slight downhill, then more hills. 12:16 average pace - easy cheesy! It is great to see that my jogging pace was my racing pace a few years ago. Helllooo improvement!

I ran all the way through with a small break at mile 2 to shake out a tight calf muscle, and then proceeded on. Garmy says it was an 18 second break, so I am not going to count myself out of the run for 18 seconds. Anything less than 30 seconds I consider a gimme.

It is interesting [for me] to note that my hip muscle is still deeply bruised even though the black is now a faint yellowish color. It hurts like heck when I first start running. After a half of a mile or so it stopped (thank you endorphins!) and I was able to only have a slight tightness in my left calf nag me the rest of the run.

I caught my leg shuffling a little bit towards the end of the run. Annoying. I am down on iron this week, and have been ignoring bananas so my potassium is pretty low too. I did not hydrate at all this past weekend, so the tightness I can completely understand.

However, just to be on the safe side I am going to do this run again Wednesday, this time with my Mizuno's (the blue blazes) and see if maybe the Pearl Izumi's are the culprit. Dang, and I love the green machines, so I hope that it is not my shoes.

Which reminds me - I need to post the review on the PI's now that I have some decent miles in on them.

Gotta go run and get ready for date night. :)

TRAINING TOTAL: 1/1 planned workout


})i({ Runner Girl

WHAT's ON TAP NEXT: Tuesday - 12-20 mile bike ride/3.1 mile run brick workout.
ETA - also snuck in a 700 yard workout in the pool at 10PM - 4 x 100, 4 x 50, and 4 x 25. It was my FASTEST swim ever! :)


chia said...

*tee hee* I'm glad I'm not the only non-committal one to leave the options open for a fall distance.

Doug said...

Wait, you are not a jogger :).

Date? Did you and What's His Name split?

Doug said...

This is you all the way, pink:


Doug said...

Well? Big Fish? How did you do? Come on, it is 5:24 PM, we want to know!!!!