Jun 22, 2008

Big Fish Triathlon Race Report...

... is up here: http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=120268


I got 4th in Athena, even though 3D's timing was way off and had me first. Crazy people, I did not finish in 1:24! I finished in about 1:41 according to my polar watch. No results posted as of yet (mine were WAY wrong, so I need the official posted online tonight). I will have to update my RR once they are posted.

So with this, I came to the realization that I need to be a bit more realistic in my aspirations for the end of this season. I am still new to tri's and have a ways to go to improve. I want to do my best in each race, and right now I am still growing and learning. With that I have decided two things:

1 - Sprints only this year.

I nixed the idea of completing an Oly for my 30th b-day. I need to improve my sprints before I even think of moving on up right now. Mentally for sure. Physically I can do it and am almost there - but mentally... wow. I saw what I did today (I rocked it!) but seeing what the Oly triathletes were doing... I am just not mentally there this year. 2009 will be the year I step up my game after a long winter of base building to the extended endurance level. 2008 sprints, 2009 sprints and oly's. I am completely cool with this. Today solidified that I am capable of achieving what I put my mind to, I just have to be realistic in how much time I can dedicate to training right now.

I am in love with the sprint distance for now- and see that I can do really well if I put a little more effort and focus in my training. Heck - only 8 months ago I hopped into the pool for the first time. Now I am swimming biking and running in triathlons!

2 - No marathon for me this year!

Mentally I am training alone for this. I have never trained for a marathon solo - I always have trained with TNT or Jer. OK - for alittle while with TNT then the rest with Jer. Since I run with neither of them anymore and no one else is up to the marathon challenge this year, I decided that I am happy with trying to improve my half marathon time. Also, I have not had the best string of half marathons lately, my best being back in 2004... that was 4 years ago!

Until I am confident in my half marathon, I am not going to attempt the mental feat of the marathon. I am lacking the consisntency I need for the 26.2, and honestly - I want my next 26.2 to be freaking fun! I woul dlike to travel for my next 26.2, and Detroit, while I love the half, may not provide the atmosphere I need for the mental hurdle of MARATHON.

Houdini has struck again! LMAO - Thank you Che! ;)

So Detroit will be the half - and Lansing will be a sprint.

HOWEVER - there is this one crazy thing I am doing for my 30th b-day.

Drumroll please......

The TRIfecta for 30!

Lansing Legislator Sprint - 8/10
T-Rex Tri - 8/13
Island Lake of Novi Sprint - 8/17

:) Yes. That is 3 triathlons the week of my b-day.

This year is going to rock in a big way! Coming to grips with the reality of the time that I have vs time needed to train for these events... I am absolutely happy with my decision.

})i({ The happiest RunnerGirl ever!
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