Apr 16, 2008

My you have a nice...

... crawl.

Yes that was actually said to me at the pool this evening.

The pool - pretty good sized even if not a real lap pool

Followed immediately by "Your stroke is smooth and even..."

Apparently the old man watching me do laps in what was definitely not a lap pool was analyzing my stroke technique. I managed to keep a straight face, but barely.

Me after laps in the pool

He clarified his statements by assuring me (in front of his wife) that he was in fact a collegiant swim coach back in earlier days.

Dang. And here I thought the old man was trying to pick me up.

I thanked him... or rather started to thank him for his kind words... when all of a sudden mine failed.

I went mute.

My voice... gone.

Yeppers - here I am all drippy wet from swimming, hopped up on those good Mexicali wonder drugs (legal of course) for headache/sinus/allergy pressure whatevers, and my voice dissappears.


I "called" Mike only to get him laughing at me beacuse he could not understand my grunts and whispers.

You lucked out mister - your lady is a mute!

The free weights in the hotel gym that is open 24 hours.

So two workouts in three nights. Not stellar and barely an hour between them but I'll take it. My goal is to run again tomorrow AM, as the pool is not lit and it is dark when I rise, leaving plenty of dark space for snakes and other Jenn-killing items to reside in the water undetected.

The pool I swim laps in

So why am I coming home? I love tropical climates!

OK - well enough of my woes for the evening.. I hope that all are well!

Keep on running!



TNTcoach Ken said...

No one has ever mentioned my crawl, except when I’ve had too much to drink! Stay away from those Jenn-killing things so you can get back to the high-five state and enjoy spring.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You must have at some time or another heard the advice: "The best way to burn calories is to make your blog readers insanely jealous of your tropical excursions."

You can use this handy formula:

calories burned = starting weight * height (in meters) * (number of trips south of the border / year) * number of regular blog readers / number of photographs per blog post

(Adjustments to the above formula should be made to account for number of fruity cocktails consumed and whether or not your hotel room has a terrace.)

LK said...

Come back soon - the biking is GREAT and sunny and warm (although allergy season is upon me with a vengeance this morning)

TriGirl Thea said...

I dont think it matters that you were mute if you can flash a smile like that in response to a compliment.

Am v jealous of your trip!

Stuart said...

Kudos for getting it done while away!