Mar 14, 2008

Just had to do it!

Today was a rest day.

Yeah right!

With temps like this (in the 50's!!!!) and plenty of sunshine - I HAD to get outside. All the way home I was dreaming of taking Sweet T out for her first for realzy outside ride, but there are still patches of ice and snow and salt on the roads... so I decided to go for a run instead!

This time I decided to just find a nice and easy pace that was not very difficult to maintain. This was difficult because I live in hills hills and more hills. However I did the run around my neighborhood (3.82 miles) in good time. I had to walk about 0.3 miles because of a few patches of ice and snow that were just not safe to run on. I would start to, only to end up looking like a cartoon character spinning their legs.

All in all I finished the run in good time, and barely had a sweat going, which was very nice!

The miles:

1 - 11:29
2 - 13:36 (major ice and slush had to walk)
3 - 11:08
3.82 - 9:33 (11:37 pace)
Total time - 45:48
Total miles - 3.82 miles
Average pace - 11:59

The meaning:

Nice and easy low sweat workout for fun in the sun! A really fun fun run! I wouldn't call these junk miles just because there really was no purpose beyond getting outside in the sun - but I guess by the definition alone these would be considered junk miles. Oh well I'll take them!

Tomorrow is swimming with FAST followed with my next 5K race. If I can keep it at an 11:30 pace or greater than I can pull it in under 35 minutes.

Until next time!

})i({ Runnergirl
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