Mar 14, 2008

Just had to do it!

Today was a rest day.

Yeah right!

With temps like this (in the 50's!!!!) and plenty of sunshine - I HAD to get outside. All the way home I was dreaming of taking Sweet T out for her first for realzy outside ride, but there are still patches of ice and snow and salt on the roads... so I decided to go for a run instead!

This time I decided to just find a nice and easy pace that was not very difficult to maintain. This was difficult because I live in hills hills and more hills. However I did the run around my neighborhood (3.82 miles) in good time. I had to walk about 0.3 miles because of a few patches of ice and snow that were just not safe to run on. I would start to, only to end up looking like a cartoon character spinning their legs.

All in all I finished the run in good time, and barely had a sweat going, which was very nice!

The miles:

1 - 11:29
2 - 13:36 (major ice and slush had to walk)
3 - 11:08
3.82 - 9:33 (11:37 pace)
Total time - 45:48
Total miles - 3.82 miles
Average pace - 11:59

The meaning:

Nice and easy low sweat workout for fun in the sun! A really fun fun run! I wouldn't call these junk miles just because there really was no purpose beyond getting outside in the sun - but I guess by the definition alone these would be considered junk miles. Oh well I'll take them!

Tomorrow is swimming with FAST followed with my next 5K race. If I can keep it at an 11:30 pace or greater than I can pull it in under 35 minutes.

Until next time!

})i({ Runnergirl


Anonymous said...

There you go, running on a day off. You're officially an addict! I miss the Detroit area, grew up in Redford
Keep pushing

Doug said...

Wait, you mean Bambi. How far did you ride? Those numbers look like run times, not bike.

There are no hills in this part of the state.

A buddy and I got out after work to ride Hines for 22.34 miles. Very fun, a little wet, real dirty (I had to clean my shoes and bike at the do it your self car wash), and a bit cold going back to the car the last five miles or so.

You can pull off a 29 minute in the race!

IronWaddler said...

The weather is irresistable. Great run

Mike said...

Good Luck with the 5K ... SUB 35 FOR SURE! :)

Iron Jayhawk said...

Nicely done!

chia said...

I'm with Doug on the notion that you can pull off an under 30 5K, you're progressing so fast!

By the way, you should always schedule outside days whenever I leave Michigan. It's a curse, every time I leave the freakishly warm temps happen at home and freakishly cold temps happen where ever I go.

Recipe for an 80 degree day in April: just deport me.

Good luck on your 5K!!! And HAPPY SWIMMING! :-D

Marcy said...

Good luck on the 5K!! You can SOOO do this ;D ;D