Mar 16, 2008

Pre-Shamrocks Report

I am doing a pre-5K report this morning because the 5K starts at 2:00PM. Then there is the obligatory pub stay that one must do after a St. Paddy's 5k run.

It is in the rules. No seriously.

To the left is the course that Lana, her mom, and I will be running today in the non-competitive heat (i.e. finishing times greater than 27 minutes).

4 laps for 3.1 miles. Hills and downhills and flats all around!

I am pretty geeked and honestly just want to finish with a smile on my face. Sub 40, sub 35, sub 33, sub whatever I will be happy.

I love runs on holidays and oddly enough I have never ran a St. paddy's day race near the actual holiday. I used to run a race in Flint that is still my favorite 4miler - the Shellalagh. Love it!

This week Friday my tri club is hosting a few runs around this part of Michigan - the Good Friday runs. 4, 6, 8, and 10 mile runs at all paces in Northville, Dearborn, and in Rochester Hills. I am pretty sure that I will go out there and do one of the runs with the club. It should be interesting!

OK - well off to finish up some things and then head out fo rmy day of fun!

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chia said...

**Sending happy fast thoughts your ways!**