Mar 4, 2008

Que the music...

I have a million thoughts in my head. And one thing remains constant. Music.

Back in high school me and my peeps had this saying - everything has a theme song. Everything has a soundtrack. Life is music. Music is life.

Yeah there may have been some slight influence given that we were the artsy music geeks, band, choir, orchestra, jazz band... you name it we played it. You name it we listened to it and disected it and made fun of it. We loved life and the soundtrack that led from one event to the next.

To this day I see things and instantly a song pops into my head. My life has a soundtrack. All of our lives do.

The reason I bring this up is that this wraps up my first official week of training and my second month of taking myself and my health seriously. Appropriately, I feel the best way to recap and catch up is through music.

So welcome to Runnergirl - the Musical. Act I. Scene I.

*que Jefferson Spaceship "We built this city" - because that is the BEST song ever. Seriously. *

I started my official training plan. The swimming is giving me a run for my money for sure. Not in a difficulty level way - but in a "holy crap I am doing this" way. I have 1.67 miles on tap for tonight - which... I am obviously not doing and will make up with a kick butt master's swim on Thursday instead. Hey - no one is perfect. :) I swim every most every Saturday AM with my tri club. I swim during the week with a masters group, or on my own. I run at least three days a week, I do strength and serious core work twice a week. I have gone back to clean eating and nutrition is a top priority for me now.

Just like Jefferson built their city on Rock n Roll - I am building my training on determination and dedication. Every minute spent on the track, the tready, the road, the trails, on the trainer or in the pool is one more building block to a solid Jenn.

*Fade to Ah-ha "Take on me"*

This week has shown me a lot about myself. Man I really had it all wrong all of these years.

One of my "donkey" friends on my fave tri board made the comment that I need to remind him to never give me a goal. Why? Because I will meet it and blast it outta the sky.

I think the reason that I am meeting these goals is that I had set my goals this year based on my past performances. You learn that in life - data speaks. My past running data shows me to be historically slow, a lackluster performer, and (to round it out) a lazy runner. :o)

My 2008 goals were doable - with some work. So, I worked. And I worked. And I worked.

I have met all of my goals thus far. I am down 20lbs. I am at a good distance in running without stopping (10K+). I can swim for 45 minute straight. I have ordered my new bike (wee!)

Man I say take on me... take me on! I am finally in the game. More importantly - my head and my HEART are in this too.

*Duran Duran - "Hungry like a wolf"*

Well... for no other reason other than this video is great so I needed to include it in the musical of my past week. Enjoy!

*Speed Racer Theme*

I published El Manifesto de Jenniferlyn last year. I have updated it a million times, and I reserve the right to edit it again. :o) I have added races, taken some off, added more running, added some Du's, taken some off again. What I have left is a very achievable, yet full and varied race season.

Super5K 2/3/08 - 39:00 finish. This was my stubble time 5K
Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5K 3/16/08
Road Ends 5 mile trail run 4/26/08
Willow Duathlon 5/4/08
DXA2 Half Marathon 6/1/08
Ann Arbor Triathlon 6/8/08
Muddy Watters Bump and Run Adventure Run 6/22/08
Fifth Third Bank Solstice Run 6/23/08
Tortoise and the Hare 5k 7/4/08
Happy Trails Tri 7/20/08
Lansing Legislator Tri 8/10/08
FAST Island Lake of Novi Tri 8/17/08
CRIM 10 miler 8/24/08
Michigan Tri and Du championships 9/7/08
Autumn Colors Duathlon 9/21/08
Brooksie Way Half Marathon 10/5/08
Detroit International Marathon 10/19/08

Hmmm? What?

*Tommy Emmanuel - "Determination"*

A little something different for a different year. I am determined to succeed this year, and I am setting myself up for success by taking the steps neccessary. I have set up a base to build off of. I am at a level that I know I can improve on and I have the time and plans ready to do so.

I have joined in with a few groups for running. On weekends I run out at Kennsington with some amazing triathletes and duathletes... but more importantly - they are amazing people.

A biker friend of mine *cough*Doug*cough* once made comment on here that the tri and running community is much different that the cycling community in that we are always helping each other and even in competition we root for the competition to do well.

It is very true. One of the peeps I run with on weekends is named Trixie. Trixie is a member of Team USA, and of the USAT Mideast Elite Team. She is one heckova duathlete. She is one amazing ultra runner. She is sponsored by Brooks, Sock Guy, Accelerade, and others. She is the real deal - a speedy racer, an amazing athlete, and a chica who will run a marathon with someone she has just met to pace them for fun.

The rest of the group is equally as impressive in talent, dedication, and all around friendliness.

Being with these people has made me a better runner. Being with these people has let the runner in me shine.

During the week I now run with RunningFit Novi's Running 101 class. It is a Monday 30 minute run, and a Wednesday longer run. I decided to join the group, not to learn about running, but to keep up the group thing. Plus after each run in a 30-45 minute session to go over nutrition, stretching, competition, and so many other facets of running.

Randy at RunningFit has really got the whole running thing down - his store caters to runners and triathletes (he is going to get in some tri clothes and is even hosting a triathlon this year (I believe it will be called the TRex Tri)). And with that - I have decided that right after my DX2A half marathon I am joining RunningFit 501 - which is the marathon and half marathon running group, in order to train for Detroit. If you noticed the last bit of my schedule - you should have caught that I am thinking of going for the marathon.

I am THINKING of it. We will see how everything else goes. I am ready to give it a real shot. This can very well be the year, however it all depends on how I feel during training. If I decide to not go with the marathon, I am definitely in for the half. And defnitely in for a PR at that.

This past month has been one of "clicking". I am glad that everything has clicked.. and I am proud that I am working hard at working towards more clicks every day.

Keep it going strong everyone!

I have more to update on (some tags and a few updated running links for some great races around town) but that will have to happen later. I am one tired girl!

})i({ Runnergirl


Sherry said...

Amen to the myriad of theme songs that we accumulate during our lifetime. My "life song" is John Parr's 'St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)'.

I can climb the highest mountain
Cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo's Fire burnin' in me.

Music, much like a scent, really attaches itself to our memories. Well, just as long as that music isn't Britney Spears! LOL! :o)

Have a great workout!!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

From the movie ‘I’m Gonna Git you Sucka, “They're my theme music. Every hero's got to have some” . You have to have music and you’re my hero! Keep up the good work!

chia said...

I was thinking about doing the Solstice run as well. This racing business is really expensive though :-(.

Stuart said...

Are you even old enough to remember Duran Duran, still it's a kick arse tune!

It sounds like you're going to have a kick arse year yourself!

Go to it girl, I can feel that marathon coming to a head of steam, just one word of advice, watch out you don't have too long a training plan for it, with such a busy first half of the year you could be flirting with overtraining.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a race schedule!

Patricio said...

Awsome songs! Love 'We built this city' too!
What happened with: "Whip it" by Devo?? LOL :Þ


Doug said...

Good race, so what was your time?!?!?!?!?

Ok, you made me go download "We built this city".

Ok, how does the entry not show in the root of your blog but showed up as a search Google search at:

using the search string of "willow duathlon", with a entry date of 4 Mar 2008?????? And these comments have a date of May 5! Ok, this is May 3, even if this thing is using GMT (UTC), how is it posting as May 5!?!?!?!?

Did you get my voice mail?

You want to ride tomorrow (5-4)??? Say Kensington????? Give me a call.

Doug said...

Or there are some folks riding from Nankin Mills (Westland) on Hines at Ann Arbor Trail.