Feb 14, 2008

Who is the person who is inhabiting my body - and WHERE did she come from?


Ok - today Mike and I hit the gym. He did his typical workout, and I... I did a completely NOT typical swim. No drills. No fins. No kickboard or pull bouy. Just me, my goggles, and my sweet arsed swim cap.

And I swam. And swam. And swam some more.

31 minutes and 57 seconds later I hit stop on my watch. 25 laps done in the book. And in Bally's world that means that I swam... nonstop... for 1,150 YARDS. That my fine friends is 0.65 miles. That my fine, fine friends is more than a sprint tri swim. That my fine, fine, fine friends was one hellova swim.

I am smiling ear to ear right now.

Tomorrow is bootcamp DVD and then Saturday is the FAST swim (1.5 hours) followed by breakfast and a 5 mile run at Kennsington with some BTers. Life is good.

Life is really good.

Nighty night all!

})i({ RunnerGirl
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