Feb 13, 2008

No more doubts.

I no longer doubt that I will finish a sprint triathlon. 644 yards today proved that I have the endurance to keep on going.

I no longer doubt that I will PR in my half marathons this year. Being able to sustain a sub 11 minute mile for 30 minutes today shows me that I have the endurance.

I no longer doubt that I will keep moving forward and keep being active. I have found that taking appropriate rest days is a neccessity to wanting to keep being active.

I no longer doubt that I will keep loosing weight (maybe not as steadily, and not as quickly - but nonetheless I will keep on loosing). I really have no feelings for food anymore - I eat for nutrition and the joy of the company I am keeping.

I no longer doubt that I can and will increase my pace over time (key words - OVER TIME) I can push a little bit at a time... and over time get there.

It is great to face your doubts, the ones you have held inside for so long, and tell them to bug off.

Today's numbers:



2.57 miles, 30 minutes

Hill repeats on the dreadmill at lunch (3% and 5% inclines - main set ran at 10:54 pace)



1044 yards, 37 minutes

W/U - 4 x 50 IM

Build - 2 x 100 (FS 75, kick streamline 25)

Main set - 3 x 100 FS on the 2:30s, followed by...

Ok ready?

Are you REALLY ready for this?

Followed by..... 644 yards straight through of laps... no breaks.

I was supposed to do 6 x 100 FS on the 2:30's, but 3 into it I decided to just keep going. Then I decided to make it to 5 laps... then once I was there I figured I chould go to 8 laps, which lead to 10, which lead to 12 - which in a normal pool would be 600 yards... BUT in Bally's we-are-too-cheap-to-put-in-a-full-sized-25-yard-pool-so-you-are-just-going-to-have-to-deal-with-a-23-yard-pool pool - I decided to throw in an additional lap (14 total) to make it a for sure 600+ yards.

I guess running and swimming are the same in one respect - if you keep at it and make sure to some bit of something every day (within reason) you will increase stamina and endurance... and eventually one day it just clicks.

Today was the click day! What a good day!

Time to make dinner and relax!

})i({ RunnerGirl


Patricio said...

Awesome job on the swim!! Keep it up!


Unknown said...

Sweet job!!

Marcy said...

WHOO HOOOOOOO!! Awesome chica!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kim said...

seriously. you rock! congrats on all great things! happy vday!

Mnowac said...

Wow that is awesome. I can't wait to be able to do 100 yard w/o stopping!!!

Doug said...

Just watch out for the sharks in the open water :).

Doug said...

IM??? You can do fly!?!?!

Doug said...

23 yards?? What kind of sicko would make a 23 yard pool... I can see 20, but 23? That is just... odd...

Doug said...

Join a real health club.

Doug said...

Just to air some dirty laundry:

So, are you coming to swimming THIS Saturday (that is the day AFTER tomorrow); Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 7:00:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 12:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time)?

I dare you to show up. I don't think you will :).

IronWaddler said...

You Rock!!!!! There is no doubt.