Feb 18, 2008

Is it lame to have a plan to work towards? Is it bad that I need a little map to keep me on track?

I started the week out right. At lunch I did 40 minutes of spinning class - and for the first time was able to get out of the seat. This class was great! The instructor was fun and spunky and she made the time fly by with these crazy hill climbs. Seriously - wow.

I have decided that twice a week I will do two-a-day workout. Mondays will be spinning at lunch, swimming after work, and Wednesdays will be running at lunch (hill work) and then swimming after work.

I have found that taking an hour during the day to workout is a great way to re-energize and re-focus. I love it! Plus it makes me feel good knowing that I will have a little rest before my next activity. So after a few weeks of one two-a-day I have noticed that my overall performance has improved. Two two-a-days a week will give me an added break and yet at the same time will provide me with more time to workout how I need to to stay on track.

I have also decided to add strength training in twice a week - one day of lower body and core, another day for upper body and core. 2008 is the year of the core for me. I need to stop neglecting this very important part of my body. If only core exercises were more fun...

I am coming out of my base-building adventure here in the next few weeks and am excited to start out on real training soon. I think that what I am doing is real training... but somehow I have been on this plan forf 1 minth and I do not feel that typical training burn-out I get.

Could this be it? I mean, could this really, REALLY be the change? The change I have heard about but never really thought that I would experience? The change from hap-hazzard runnergirl to full on for realzy runnergirl? The one who takes her training seriously and looks at it as self imporovement and a way of life instead of an obligation?

By jove... I think it is.

Well what do you know? This who fitness thing has become my lifestyle.
Darn right it has!

This topic sort of brings us to my question for all of you today - Runnergirls Question Of The Day so to speak -

Today at the pool for my evening workout, I discovered that if I do not have a swim plan in front of me I am LOST. I found a PERFECT workout... but forgot it at work. I could have just went on and did laps, but I decided to do drills. Sharkfins, single-double-and triple-switches. Just basics to really hone in my form. I have some stock workouts in my swim bag all ready to go - but they are all 1,000 Yard and over workouts. Today I wanted to do a simple 20 minute swim (did 18 minutes) with drills. Ugh.
I need to remember to print out a variety of plans so I can do whatever I want to and am able to adjust should my feeling change on the way to the pool.

So the question is - does anyone else get lost if they do not have a plan for their workout, be it strength, stretching, cardio, or other? I have found that when I have a plan I can do it no problem, but sometimes being self-sufficient is hard!
Is that lame? I mean, I am a big believer in plans... (work the plan and plan the work and all of that jazz...) and I also know that with running and biking I can just go out and do it without a real goal in terms of cadence drills, hills, etc. - but for swimming... for swimming I really need guidance to make sure that I feel like I am getting value out of the time in the water.

If I do not have a set swim workout in front of me in the pool I just sort of fizzle.
So what about you? I mean, I cannot be the only one, right?

})i({ RunnerGirl


IronWaddler said...

I am absolutely lost without a plan. When I've tried, I lose focus and do not achieve much.

Training plan looks great. And you goal is???

chia said...

Blogger so ate my comment.

Oh well.

I'm with you, I seriously have no idea what I'm doing with out a serious checklist.

Unknown said...

I need a training plan or I am completely lost. I tend to ask for help or look for something to work towards.

Doug said...

Well, yes you are the only odd ball in the group :).

No plan, yes lost. It would be a ride at 15 mph for 6 miles then back to the car and home.

Doug said...

Oh, and I am ready for the winter to end!

Kim said...

so yesterday i was supposed to do all these crazy swim things... unfortunately i was stuck in the 20yard lane without a view of a clock, and my workout went to shit.

so i aimlessly swam a bit, and then i left. yup. i need to carry out a plan or i am completely clueless.

Stuart said...

Failing to plan is planning to fail...ok platitude over with, plans are good because they allow you to periodize your training and peak at the optimum time i.e. race day. Afterwards you can just tool around a bit until you start the process again. But don't let the plan become the be all and end all, listen to you body as well.