Feb 11, 2008

Now THAT is what I am talkin' about

I think that there is a direct correlation between weight loss and speed. (Duh!) But I actually proved it. My own little experiment.
Let's go back 1 month (Wayne's world squigglies back to January 1st)

I weighed almost 16lbs more than I do today and I ran at between a 12 and 13 minute mile.

(squigglies back to today)

I weigh nearly 16 lbs less and I ran a mile in 10:16 today and was not crazy out of breath afterwards. In fact I felt good. I felt really good.

I love this! :o) Weight loss is a good thing. All around.
After the run I hit the pool and did a 950 yard workout. Of course in the ghetto Bally pool I completed 874 yards (once again, thank you Ballys!) - but I met and exceeded my February swim goal..
My goal was to swim 200 yards non stop - and you know what? I did that. I exceeded that. So what was the magic number?

Oh yeah baby! I swam an easy 300! I got in the groove and just kept going and going and going until I hit it. Darn straight! So now my new goal is to hit 400 yards. :o) Baby steps... baby steps.

Today's swim was different. I felt streamlined. I felt smooth and fluid. I felt in the swimming groove. And I know that I can complete the 800m distance I will need to in 3-4 months. Plenty of time to hit the distance and do it well. Well... let's not get ahead of ourselves... plenty of time to work on my swim! :o)

So far I can say that my base building adventure is really working. I highly advise it if you are new to running. Take some time to just get aquainted with what will work for you, get out there and build the base you need! There is no shame in building base.

Goodnight all!
})i({ Runnergirl's lovin' this high!
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