Jan 24, 2008

1,000 Yards, 1,000 meters... all the same right?

So come to find out two things about the pool I swim in - it is NOT 25 yards a length. Nope. It is 25 METERS. Which, in case you are wondering, is SLIGHTLY longer.

Secondly - I love the pool at Bally's. meters and all. ::awwwww::

I did the coolest workout tonight - the longest solo workout to date:

Warm up: 4 x 25
Pull drills: 2 x 25
Double Ladder: 25, 25, 50, 50, 75, 75, 100, 75, 75, 50, 50, 25, 25
Kick Drills: 2 x 50 (font and back)
Cool down 2 x 25
Total METERS 1000 = 0.62 miles.

I did that in 35:07 (including recovery rests at the wall between laps) which brings my average time per 100 METERs to 3.5 or so. When I started I was at 5 and change per 100. Not too shabby! I have slowed down during my laps, so this means taht I am resting at the wall less between laps.
EDITED TO ADD - oh and by the way, I did actual flip turns on some of those laps! ACTUAL NOT-FORCING MYSELF INTO THE POOL FLOOR FLIP-TURNS!

So tomorrow night is a rest night - I made it 4 for 4 nights in the pool. My goal of 5 days of pool work will be met Saturday after my 1.5 hour long pool session with FAST. Saturday afternoon is rest and house cleaning, then Saturday PM I will be with my tri club again for our kick off party.
Sunday is a nice 2-3 miler (running of course :o) ) tentatively with my new running partner Lana, and this is all in preparation for the Super5K in February.

No PRs for me in fact this will be by "stubble time" race. You see I have decided to be a proud participant in the Half-Fast Shave your 5k year. I submit a 5K by March, then by December 31st submit another 5k time to see how much I have improved over the year.

The pre race is "stubble". After "shaving" you get your "smooth" race in December. That Ian is one crazy character - but I love it!

Have a wonderful night!
})i({ RunnerGirl


Stuart said...

We're going to have start checking you for webbed fingers and toes!

IronWaddler said...

great job!!!! Nice workout.

chia said...

How's the chorine neutralizer working? I'm going to start hopping in the pool twice a week for my cross train. I've always wanted to do water jogging for some reason and I'm going to give it a go.

Brilliant week! Super encouraging, love it!

AmBeR TrEvInO said...

I am a marathon runner and i do duathlons and I have just started training for a triathlon that is at the end of the summer. I am a horrible swimmer and I would like to do that workout that you just posted recently and was wondering if you could explain to me what ladders are. I know that this question probably sounds stupid to you but I am not a swimmer so Im not sure how to do it. If you have any other kind of advice that would be great. Thanks so much