Jan 19, 2008

WOW - re-evaluation at its finest.


So today was swimming with my tri club.



Well except that I have only been in the pool on Wednesday and Thursday. Of this past week. Twice. For 1,000 yards (TOTAL!) of swimming.

Today I expected to be rough. But I did not expect it to be that freaking rough! I just could not get my mojo to gogo.

We were scheduled for 2700 yards, not terribly bad. Infact that would be a mere 100 yards less than my first swim with them. BUT - and let me studder here for a moment - B-B-B-B-BUT, we were going 5 x 100's and 200's this time around. ::gasp:: When we finally did something less than 100's - they were 75's with crazy breathing (every 5 strokes odd, every 7 strokes even). I found out that every 5 strokes is a good breathing scheme for me (yay!)- but every 7 was a CO2 nightmare (boo!). Just gotta remember to breathe out at 6.

What happened to the days of 50 repeats with a good portion of kick and pull drills? Oh, that was SO 2007. But this little swimmerchic isn't quite there!

So, much to Mike's dismay, I will be smelling even worse like chlorine now. (I even take 2 showers and the chlorine smell just drips off of me!)

I realize that this next week is my swimming week. EVERY week needs to be a swimming focus week. Running as planned (3 - 4 times) but I need to hit the pool a good 4 - 5 times in addition to my Saturday AM swims. SO I am making a sacrifice. Since my bike was stolen, and I have no indoor trainer for the MTB, I am skipping the scheduled bike rides for now (maybe sneaking some in on the spinners at the gym - but that is so not my focus right now) and instead hitting the pool as often as I can.

The good thing is that I love swimming and will not get burnt out on it because I am still earning and improving - that is some great motivation!

Today I FINALLY got to meet two FAST members that I have been chatting with via email - Lana and Doug. I am trying to wrangle them into being my new running partners - Lana is onboard for sure, I think that Doug needs some pressure. *cough* here is your pressure *cough*

Well off to strategize on incorporating more swimming time into my week. This may just require a plan. A VERY flexible plan.

})i({ RunnerGirl

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