Jan 19, 2008

WOW - re-evaluation at its finest.


So today was swimming with my tri club.



Well except that I have only been in the pool on Wednesday and Thursday. Of this past week. Twice. For 1,000 yards (TOTAL!) of swimming.

Today I expected to be rough. But I did not expect it to be that freaking rough! I just could not get my mojo to gogo.

We were scheduled for 2700 yards, not terribly bad. Infact that would be a mere 100 yards less than my first swim with them. BUT - and let me studder here for a moment - B-B-B-B-BUT, we were going 5 x 100's and 200's this time around. ::gasp:: When we finally did something less than 100's - they were 75's with crazy breathing (every 5 strokes odd, every 7 strokes even). I found out that every 5 strokes is a good breathing scheme for me (yay!)- but every 7 was a CO2 nightmare (boo!). Just gotta remember to breathe out at 6.

What happened to the days of 50 repeats with a good portion of kick and pull drills? Oh, that was SO 2007. But this little swimmerchic isn't quite there!

So, much to Mike's dismay, I will be smelling even worse like chlorine now. (I even take 2 showers and the chlorine smell just drips off of me!)

I realize that this next week is my swimming week. EVERY week needs to be a swimming focus week. Running as planned (3 - 4 times) but I need to hit the pool a good 4 - 5 times in addition to my Saturday AM swims. SO I am making a sacrifice. Since my bike was stolen, and I have no indoor trainer for the MTB, I am skipping the scheduled bike rides for now (maybe sneaking some in on the spinners at the gym - but that is so not my focus right now) and instead hitting the pool as often as I can.

The good thing is that I love swimming and will not get burnt out on it because I am still earning and improving - that is some great motivation!

Today I FINALLY got to meet two FAST members that I have been chatting with via email - Lana and Doug. I am trying to wrangle them into being my new running partners - Lana is onboard for sure, I think that Doug needs some pressure. *cough* here is your pressure *cough*

Well off to strategize on incorporating more swimming time into my week. This may just require a plan. A VERY flexible plan.

})i({ RunnerGirl


TNTcoach Ken said...

Boy, a little cold and we run (not literally) to the pool! Hey the sun was out today and it was balmy, okay I'm lying it was cold!!!!

chia said...

This is brilliant news. I love to hear someone is excelling at the swimming portion because, I too, spent many many moons absolutely rank in chlorine in attempt to be strong enough to compete in tri. I am horrible at swimming so I have mad respect for those of you that can kick ass in the orderly fashion you just demonstrated ;-).

Many wishes of happy laps ahead!!!

Unknown said...

Nice job on getting it done. Smelling like chlorine really SUCKS!

IronWaddler said...

Great on the swimming. I am back in masters 3 times per week starting tomorrow. I am in lane 1(for slow people) and coach gives me shorter workouts. But I am looking forward to 12 weeks of swim.

Doug said...

No, I will never run with you. I will drag you out by your ear to ride your bike with me!

Get the soap for post swimming workouts. It works.