Jan 14, 2008

A thief of a blogger

I really should just have Bold post on my blog - I like the way he and AJ think. I stole (politely) Bold's term "Sub-fun". Now I am blatantly stealing his and AJ's "pictures are proof".

Pictures = proof.

If there are no pictures then it did not happen.

Here is proof of what I did today AFTER a long day at work. AFTER a long drive home. AFTER seeing that it is 32* out AND snowing.

THIS is what I did:

Did RunnerGirl go spurlunking perhaps?

Nope. But I can see why you'd think that. (Nice headgear, right?)

Did RunnerGirl go mining today?

Nope. "Father... *cough* I think I'm getting the black lung *cough*"

Did Runnergirl rob a really really cold bank?

Nope. But I should look into that to fund my addiction to techie geeky things.

So why is RunnerGirl all bundled up, wearing some sweetassed LED headlamp?

Yeah she went out and did a run. A 1 miler just for fun.

A 1 miler just to start to get into the habit of moving again. Heck after my 2-miler Saturday I decided that I need to keep on keeping on. Not like - go out and do a 10K keeping on, but go out and enjoy a run for a bit.

A sweet slow little 1 miler to start off on getting to running for pure fun and loving every step... no matter the distance (I WILL love my half marathons again!)

Time and patience. Two things I sorely lacked back in 2003-2007.

A simple no frills 1 miler to mark that training has no off season. A nice leeetle 1 miler to prove to myself that yes, after a long day at work, after a long drive home, and yes even after seeing the sky flurry with diamondlike snow - she can still get off of her ass and run a mile.

For fun.

Some may call these junk miles - but I call them forward motion.

Triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, health - life. It all starts with this one little mile.

Since I am on a base-building adventure - and since this little adventure of mine started just 2 months ago I have actually made improvements. I can now swim. *whew!* That little tidbit is muy importante if you want to do a triathlon, no? I am comfortable in the pool - and have a ways to go - but I am comfortable. 2 months ago, not so much. Today? Definitely.

Also since the start of my base-building extravaganza, I have really started to listen to my body. Running is fun again. And the reason I ever let it not be fun is that I would start TRAINING for things from zero to full distance. Burn out, sub-fun, no joy. Time and finishing became the goal - not going out and enjoying it.

So now I am going to enjoy my little 1 milers. And then I will enjoy my little 2 milers. I will also enjoy my 5ks, 10ks and ultimately my half marathons again. So no more going from couch to half marathon - I am being a little smarter this year.

Also - my body will tell me when it is the right time to move from one distance to the next. I am not going to plan on it - I will let my body guide me there. Ultimately I want to do sprint and oly tris this year, with some 5k races mixed in. I really would love to do teh CRIM 10-miler in August, and teh Freep halfmarathon in October. But my body will let me know when it is right.

I figure you cannot get burnt out if you are doing what your body likes to do. There is no off season, and there is never a reason to not like what you arae doing! (Can I get an amen?)

Oh my goodness.. Doug - I really do sound like a cheerleader.


Oh well - Go Team!

Congrats to Pat and Marcy for running PFChang' (Pat the full and Marcy the half) this past weekend. Way to go!

And happy 1 year anniversary of meeting in person Pat and Denise! So when is the next meet-up? We should pick a race and plan on doing it together - sometime in 2009. :o)

})i({ RunnerGirl


chia said...

You crack me up :-). I so dig your attitude and style!

Stuart said...

Some may call these junk miles - but I call them forward motion

Freaking awesome!

Pat said...

forward motion is good. You can always come down here and do the RnR AZ, I'll probably do it for the rest of my life. I may do Twin cities in 09. or maybe they'll pick my number for NYC.

Keep up the fun running.

Kim said...

love the spelunking pic lady! way to get out there for a run!

i unfortunately will be running in the snow tonight AFTEr my grad school class. gotta love late night workouts!

TNTcoach Ken said...

That could be any masked bank robber or ill-dressed commuter. What are you going to do this weekend when the temps drop to single digits? Just do it baby, when it’s no longer fun then we stop!

Jess said...

Wow, that's dedication!

Unknown said...

2009 sounds AWESOME. I am really definitely thinking about P.F. Chang's for the 3rd time. :D

Unknown said...

2009 sounds AWESOME. I am really definitely thinking about P.F. Chang's for the 3rd time. :D

Bolder said...

proof acknowledged!