Jan 13, 2008

Simple Joys of Running

Yesterday I did 2 miles. Yeah!

Small victories people. Small victories. :o)

So here is the resurrection of the Simple Joys of Running post that I used to do back when I found the joy in running again. Since it is a new year, I feel that it is good to reflect on the JOYs of running, and not neccesarily the data.

Here are some Simple Joys of Running for today:
  • Being able to hash out plans and scenarios while getting in a solid 2 miles.
  • Not having to walk one step on the run!
  • Knowing that you are doing something good for yourself by getting out the door.
  • Stealing a little "me" time in a hectic world.
  • Reflecting on how good life is - when you take the time to be grateful for what you have.
  • Realizing that you have a LOT to be grateful for.
  • Realizing that you love running. For realzy.

The downfall of my training in years past has been due to losing the love of the run. I know this to be fact. One day I will get back into the long distance races, but maybe I need to take a year of short sprints/oly's and 5K's to get the mojo a flowin' again. I took a look over my race schedule for this year (el Manifesto de Jenniferlyn) and I see that I am setting myself up for some major loss of enthusiasm. Too many races!

I want to pare it down a bit, but I will not decalre races as of yet. I think that I will play it by ear and see how this goes. Wow - what a great feeling, not having a crazy year of expectations - just doing it for the love of it!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Jess said...

Those are all excellent reasons to rejoice in a run. Good job on getting in your 2!

Runner Susan said...

Here's to small victories!

Pat said...

I think you need to post that on the wall. Read it everyday. I think I might with a few things added for me.

It's been a year since we met. Hope you are doing great.