Jan 15, 2008

Tales from a bipolar runner

Chapter 1 - But baby it's cold outside!

I got home from work at 6 o'something tonight. I run inside, peel off my coat, etc., run in to the bedroom, peel of my workclothes and strap on the HRM and start dressing to go outside.

MIKE: Uuuuummmmm.... what are you doing?
ME: Getting ready to go run! *goofy grin*
MIKE: Ohhhh... OK.

5 minutes later we find RunnerGirl in velvet yoga pants and a long sleeve t. No HRM or running clothes to be seen.

MIKE: Uuuuuuummmmm.... what are you doing?
ME: I decided that it is too cold and I am not going to run tonight. *crashes on bed*
MIKE: Ohhhh.... OK? *quizzical look on face*

Instead, we decide to go to dinner at Mongo's. We eat. We talk and laugh. We have a wonderful time. We come home.

I run into the bedroom, peel off my second outfit of the day. I put on said HRM and running clothes... yet again.

MIKE: Uuuuummmm.... what are you doing?
ME: I am going for a run!
MIKE: Ooooohhhhhhh.... OK.

I go out in pitch black icy cold and slick conditions (at nearly 9PM mind you)... run for 32 minutes... and return one happy and comfortably warm chica.

So yeah... there is nothing wrong with being a bipolar runner. :o) Right?

Pictures = proof!

This is me AFTER said 32 minutes in icy weather. :o) Horrible pic, but you know - whatev!

})i({ RunnerGirl

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