Jan 16, 2008

Tales of a bi-polar swimmer...

Chapter 1 - But I don't wanna get wet!

See yesterday's post, substituting "swimming" for "running" and take Mike out of the conversation all together.

The End.

I ALMOST let lazy Jenn talk the active Jenn out of doing things. ALMOST, but not quite.

:o) I swam and I am glad that I did! I did 20 minutes, and I learned a valuable lesson today my friends: when I go SLOW I can go forever. Or at least 75 yards of constant swimming with no little breathers or pauses. Which 3 weeks ago seemed like FOREVER! :o) I think that I ended up completing like 400 yards or so (around 300 I lost count, but I know that I did at least 2 more full laps)

To round out today's stellar being - I got a raise at work (well found out my raise value rather, I knew a raise was comming). I am on top of things there. I am caught up with emails and meetings, and it looks like I will be travelling to Texas, Mexico (ole!) and Wisconsin in the near future. ANNNDDD... Boston!

I am truly blessed to be able to live a life of mobility and happiness. :o) Doug commented to me the other day that I sound like a cheerleader - well I guess in a way I am. I look on the bright side of things, am very analytical and logical... but I ALWAYS take time to be grateful for what I have, what I do, and the person I am becoming.

Life is so much more about objects and things. It is about loving and living. I really think tht tht is the key to happiness and living a happy life. Be grateful, and things happen!


SM said...

Awesome job in the pool today! Way to tell lazy jenn to back off!!!

Jess said...

Excellent sentiments!

IronWaddler said...

Great job in the pool. That rocks.