Jan 16, 2008

Tales of a bi-polar swimmer...

Chapter 1 - But I don't wanna get wet!

See yesterday's post, substituting "swimming" for "running" and take Mike out of the conversation all together.

The End.

I ALMOST let lazy Jenn talk the active Jenn out of doing things. ALMOST, but not quite.

:o) I swam and I am glad that I did! I did 20 minutes, and I learned a valuable lesson today my friends: when I go SLOW I can go forever. Or at least 75 yards of constant swimming with no little breathers or pauses. Which 3 weeks ago seemed like FOREVER! :o) I think that I ended up completing like 400 yards or so (around 300 I lost count, but I know that I did at least 2 more full laps)

To round out today's stellar being - I got a raise at work (well found out my raise value rather, I knew a raise was comming). I am on top of things there. I am caught up with emails and meetings, and it looks like I will be travelling to Texas, Mexico (ole!) and Wisconsin in the near future. ANNNDDD... Boston!

I am truly blessed to be able to live a life of mobility and happiness. :o) Doug commented to me the other day that I sound like a cheerleader - well I guess in a way I am. I look on the bright side of things, am very analytical and logical... but I ALWAYS take time to be grateful for what I have, what I do, and the person I am becoming.

Life is so much more about objects and things. It is about loving and living. I really think tht tht is the key to happiness and living a happy life. Be grateful, and things happen!
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