Nov 18, 2007

Ready? Steady.... Go!

Over the past few weeks I have learned a little bit more about listening to my body, and at the end of the day that is always a good thing. Forced rest, while not fun, is often exactly what I need. I just need to get to the point where rest will not be forced, but welcomed! So I have been doing that... resting, and attempting to break out of it a little slower than last weekend's crackboxing experience. :)

This upcomming week I WILL be swimming over at West Bloomfield HS with a coach, and then in two weekends I will be at Livonia with FAST. About. Freaking. Time. I know. Trust me, I know.

My Tri club is something special. 225+ members strong and offers something for everyone. Swimmer - come right on in! Runner - let's get together and do a few laps on the track. Cyclist - meet us over here and we will get in a good ride. LOVE it.

I joined in the middle of this year to get the feeling for the club. I was not ready to partake, but now. Now I am ready. And of course - it is off season!

Soooo.... what is a triathlon club to do in the off season?

How about compete against 35+ other USAT member clubs across the US for fun and fitness? OK! Sounds good to us! So yesterday evening I registered FAST Swim and Tri club into the competition.

So, why did I register the club into the competition? Well, after a discussion with president Dave, I volunteered to be the organizer for this year's challenge. I figured that it was a good way to participate in the tri-club and to get to know more of the members. He agreed.


So again, Thank you Dave for this opportunity! I am excited, however I know that it will be a lot of work getting the info together and submitted. But at the end of the day I am happy to take the time to make sure FAST gets the credits that they are due. Because seriously - these fine people kick major butt every day in a multitude of events.

The challenge starts December 1st and lasts for 3 months. Eash month has a benchmark, and the first club to reach the benchmark will win a prize from the challenge sponsors. If a club is the first to hit all three benchmarks, then they get something extra special at the end.
  • December 2007 - Swim 500 miles
  • January 2008 - Bike 5000 miles
  • February 2008 - Run 2500 miles
This is a perfect fit for my base-building adventure! I know that every mile I log in will help my club out, and each month there is a new emphasis. I like that. A competition of fitness... and fun!

So if you are a member of a USAT recognized triathlon club, see if they are going to partake in the challenge. If you are not a member of a club, then you can register yourself as an individual.

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