Oct 13, 2007

It is the LIFE that counts.

I have noticed a trend lately in the running-centric blog-o-sphere... a lot of apologies.

I have seen some great bloggers apologizing that they have not been posting more running/training/sports specific stats because they have been busy with life. We all understand that once you determine the content for your blog, deviating away from it for periods of time can be necessary due to life events.

But to apologize for a lack of one form of content is not required by any means! :) I do not assume that everyone out there who runs and blogs is so one-faceted that all they will post is about running things. I assume that these people are active in their life in general.

My biggest joy in reading through blogs is that I get to see normal everyday people do amazing and extraordinary things! Be that qualifying for Boston, helping their child learn how to ride a bike, taking some time off from training to get re-centered, celebrating a promotion at work, or commiserating a loss or hard time. It is those life events that surround us that make our blogs worth the look.

I for one do not assume that you all read this blog just to see my split-times in the last race. If so - then wow did you ever find the wrong blog to read! ;)

I do not know about you, but I have often found when reading a race re-cap the emotions I feel are not solely because we get to share in the experiences of finishing (or not) a race, but because of the non-running posts mixed in we know the other things that this person has had to overcome to get there.

So today I think back to some posts and bloggers in the blog-o-sphere that have really had an impact on me on a life event side.

This series of posts were actually the first that I had read by her. I found Wil through TriSaraTops while she was in training for the IMMoo of '06. The emotion that I felt in Wil's words really hooked me. I knew that she would be back and conquer it... but I knew that she had so much more to her than IronMan and triathlon. After following her words for another year, I did learn more about Wil the woman - and she is one amazing woman for sure! Her strength, sticktoitiveness, and amazing grasp of words makes you glad that you go to her page. If you are down - you will find inspiration and hope. If you are struggling, you will find encouragement and appreciation. If you just want to see another person who is going through life as well - then this is the blog for you. Wil is an amazing person all around. And my respect for her is immense.

Pat's First Half-Marathon Finish.
I had the great pleasure of meeting Pat before we toed the start line together. Myself, Pat, his wife Amy, and Denise all met up for dinner on Friday night and got to know each other. This was my first RBF meet-up, and I have to say it was great putting faces and personalities to the words that I had been reading!
Pat is an amazing guy. He ha accomplished so much, I hope that he knows this. I love reading his blog, because he is so multi-faceted, but so positive. He did a workout streak and for consecutive days he did some form of exercise. Mainly to get him through the HOT Arizona summer - but it worked! He did it. The coolest thing is that you get to see the runs, activities, and life through his eyes via the photograph he posts up to accompany his posts. LOVE it.

Coach Ken and I go way back. Way back to my first Marathon start ever - Bayshore Marathon. That ended up being a DNF for me, but I enjoyed the experience and learned SO much from it.
It was mile 5 and I was in a lot of pain - blisters and muscle cramps. I was doing this race for TNT, but was not in Ken's group. Didn't matter - he jumped right in line next to me and helped me out for a good mile. That encouragement and support got me to mile 23. It was everything that happened in the 4 months leading up to the race that did not get me past it.

Without Ken, I would not have made it that far.

She has kicked butt. She has taken names, She has been forced into a little hiatus, but she is growing as a person in her quest for Iron. She is a human being doing amazing things. With every post I smile ear to ear (with the exception of injury posts when I wince and feel her pain). Her journey to Ironman is going to be legen.... wait for it.... dary. A definite recommended blog read - I mean, she is a socialite afterall. And from what I hear, one of Boston's finest!

Bold, all about the bike - all about the heart.

When I first came across this bold blog, my initial reaction was - dude... this guy's a machine. Going for his 2nd Ironman? WOW. Now that is impressive!
After following him for over the past year, I have gotten to see much more than the athletic ability of this man... it is so clear that his heart is amazing.
His passion for the sport is matched and exceeded by his amazing love for his friends. Where as Wil's DNF blog was the first post on a blog to ever make me cry - Bold's last post on his old blog was the 2nd. This man has heart. This man has talent. And he is a champion of other people. This guy's aiiiright by me.

There are so many other out there that inspire me daily - thank you to everyone who takes the time to post about their lives.

So if you are a blogger who thinks that you must solely post about your hobbies and interests... maybe the next time you really need to vent about something you will. Athletic feats aside - it is the life that counts. Only we can make our own reality.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend so far! Tonight is a birthday dinner for our friend Penguin, and then tomorrow I plan on ending the weekend with a run recap. Ha ha! I am going to give it another shot - my goal is a nice 1 miler. Just to get out there and do it.

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