Oct 11, 2007

22 inches of sleek... hot... solid...

...viewable space.

Oh yeah baby The only thing better than our old 19" widescreen HD LCD Monitor is our NEW 22" wide sceen HD LCD monitor.

As our old monitor was less than 1-year old, we did not expect to have to purchase a new one so soon. However a capacitor blew or some circuit crap like that, and our monitor died two nights ago.

Thank goodness I just happened to have an old CRT 15" monitor to use to tide us over. **Side note here - HOW ON EARTH did I ever manage to get through college on 15"? LMAO - now that is a quote. **

So now I can see you all in nice 22" wide screen goodness. And I must say... the 3000:1 contrast and 2ms response time is nothing to sneeze at. HAWT. Oh yea I said it... 2ms response time!

One thing is for sure - I am not as geeky as this guy is about monitors!

Although now I sorta want a dual screen system for here at home. I have one at work and it is NIIICE. NERD!

Well off to beddy bye! Maybe one day this weekend I will have an update of interest. LOL... and who am I kidding. I am sickly enjoying my off season.

Night all!


PS - thank you all for words of encouragement! See, I KNEW that I wasn't crazy. ;)


Jess said...

Oh! That sounds like viewing pleasure!

Unknown said...


Jenniferlyn said...

I *heart* the big screeen living.

Also makes my homework easier to read! ;)