Oct 30, 2007


If it isn't a word, then it should be. Ok, yeah it isn't a word but the term viscocity and fluidity just do not do this post justice. So for the sake of argument we will pretend that it is a word. And the picture you would see next to it in the dictionary - would be me.

Not actually me. I am not as pale, and I have a neck.

Let me back up here. Just a weeee little bit.

I went to the gym after a freakishly long workshop and hopped on the bike for a good 20 minutes. I then went downstairs and did upper body and abs.

Afterwards I hit the gym's lap pool and busted out some drills. Of course, by "busted out" I do not mean fast by any means, I mean completed them.

Lesson from the pool: a 2-piece halter-top tankini is NOT the best wardrobe choice for drills.

I think that I may just have this breathing thing down!!!! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I am certinly no swimming queen, but I really slowed down and focused on what my body was doing in the water. I felt myself rotate and the breath sort of came naturally.

Hmmm... so this is what not drowning or suffocating feels like. Pretty nice.

I would pause at the end of each length of the pool and watch other swimmers. I noticed that I was the only one breathing every third stroke, the rest opting to breath every other. I tried that for all of 4 breaths before I proved that I am a bi-lateral breather and nothing is wrong with that.

Lesson from the pool: Breathe at a pace and style that you are comfortable with.

So I kept going. Sweet-spot drills, swimming focusing on relaxing and breathing, and then some form drills rounded it out.

Because of my relaxing while swimming I have stopped windmilling it! A two-fer for the Tuesday!

My next roadblock here is myself. My base building adventure - which really has turned into a lifestyle change - is based on time. I decided on this because that way I do not focus on numbers (you know those evil little things) and over time I should see an improvement in distance for the same amount of time in an activity. In theory this is just what I need.

However - just like the saying goes for running - if your "schedule" says 4 miles and you feel good - do not go for 20 just because you think you can. I need to remember that while I feel good in the pool for 12 minutes or 20 - I need to not jump into an hour long lap session because I am just not there yet. I will be... if I follow on the path I am on now. But if I wander off that path and turn onto the highway to pain... yeah I will not fare so well.

I need to slowly build my pool endurance to really feel comfortable taking the next step - open water (yikes!). If triathlon is all about the bike - I am cool with that. I just want to have a fun swim while I wait to saddle up. ;)

So I guess this is a test. I need to have faith in myself and remember that I am on a journey. If I rush to my destination I am only cheating myself out of a beautiful trip!

Congrats to all the SOMA peeps out there - 21stCM, Bold, Nytro (kicked ass and landed 3rd in the Athena group), Missy and Jane (Pirate). Although some did not finish due to lack of fun and severe mechanical nightmares... I think that it was great that they all were able to be there together and share the memories.

And that is what this crazy thing is all about - life.




SM said...

That is awesome about the breathing!!!!

Yeah we can be half IM buddies!!! WOOOOT!!!!

Jenniferlyn said...

YEAH!!!!!! Half IM's in 09!!!!


And here is to volunteering in 08!

Bolder said...

great progress on the breathing.

that's the way it went for me.

yards, and yards of survival. then one day, i was breathing!

it's hard, but, it's not like you are learning russian or something.

Mike said...

I think relaxing and not having to worry about getting your next breath is half the battle. Well done!

Patricia said...

That's great about the breathing. Can't wait for that to happen to me :) It's called progress right hehe

I like the part you wrote about if you are scheduled for 4 miles, don't do 20 even if you think you can. That's a very very good thing to remember for me. Again - progress right??

Kim said...

i wish i could be a bilateral breathing, but like zoolander, i just cant turn left! :)

you are going to be SO prepared for a HIM should you choose to do one!!! (which you DEFINITELY should!)

Doug said...

So, when is your first masters meet???????????


And you already learned Latin so no need for Russian.

Jenniferlyn said...

LMAO - no maaster meet for me. I still need ENDURANCE. ;) Baby steps... errr... laps, right?

Doug said...

Ok, so you'll be a sprinter, 50 and 100 yards :).