Sep 1, 2007

Melting Away

Who knew that finding your perfect shoes would be a journey in it's own right?

Friday after leaving work I went to three seperate RunningFit stores. The first two did not have the shoe in my size, but luckily the third did! Unfortunately, they were not the color I had my heart set on. Instead of the super cool white/orange/yellow version, I walked away with a pair in white and blue.

Beggars cannot be choosers I guess. ;)

Friday after the shoes and finding 4 of my most favorite sports bra on clearance at $4.74 a pop (originally $15 each), I went to the gym for a nice - albeit short - chest and tricep workout. I felt good. Before bed I laid out all of my nutrition, drinks, gear, and clothing to be ready come 7AM today.

To sum up today's little 5-miler into two words, they would have to be: melting away.

It is an amazing feeling. One day you struggle. The next day you are not struggling as much. And one day... the facad melts away and you are left there naked with the real you.

Today I woke up early and got to Maybury a full hour before my running club was to get there. Only quite a few had the same thought as me... more miles!

I laced up the new kicks for their first trial run of a simple 5 miles. Originally I wanted to do 10, but then decided 7 was better due to the uncertainty of the new Mizuno Nirvana 3's I had just aquired last night. I ended it at 5 due to girly issues... I hate cramps. My 4 miler Thursday was cake. My 5 miler today was cake, girly issues aside. I had to work hard to run slower because when I would feel in the zone I was still a good minute to minute 30 faster than scheduled pace. I pushed for a bit at sub-10 minute miles, but then realized that this was not going to help me with the half. I am not going to run Detroit at sub 10 minute miles. I am aiming for a nice controlled happy run.

So back to today.

As I was out there running, I felt like I was becoming a stronger runner. I would pass some of my fellow NRR's and the leader of the club would just yell out to me "You are running at a great pace Jenn! You look so strong out here!"

"Thank you!" I would yell back, all the while feeling my inhabitions melting away. I can do this, and do this well I realized. My self doubts and wondering if I could do it all just melted away into the pavement with each step that I took. With each breath I became a stronger runner. No more faking it, I am the real deal. Holy shit. I am a runner. For realzy.

And with that the imaginary chains I had been caarrying with me for the past year of running just disappeared. *poof* I was free.

I have a new found energy with running. I am not going for ultra-distances here, but I see the potential for being a stronger and quicker runner.

I am going to break myself down this fall and winter, and build myself back up this spring. By January, when the indoor tri season starts, I will be ready to start with my Tri team competing. I am stoked... in January I will officially be a triathlete. Even if only an indoor one for a month or two until the outdoor season starts.

I am glad in a way that this is my last half marathon until Fall 2008. I am starting to meet with my master's swim coach every Wednesday to gain strength in my weakest sport. In addition to the Wednesday coached swimming, every Saturday (starting the 15th) I will now have 7AM swim practice with my entire Tri team, followed immediately afterwards with 9:00AM running practice with my running club. Thank goodness the locations are 1.5 miles away from each other. Otherwise I would never be able to pull that off!

I do not plan on half-assing it. I am out there to really give it my all. I realized over the past month of swimming, biking, and running that I can actually be a decent triathlete. Not just a finisher, but a pretty decent athlete.

With my swim coach I will gain the neccessary efficiency needed to do well in the swims I will be completing in races. With my power on the road bike, I am going to be working on gaining speed and efficiency to complete the miles I will be doing in the races, while still having fresh enough legs to push myself to better and faster 5K times.

I realize now that this melting away of the external ideas I once held, has reveled to me the truth about who I am. Damn it. I am a triathlete in training. And come 2008 - I will be giving it my all in all three sports.

My 30 year old self is so gonna kick the ass of my 20 year old self.

I am signing off this Saturday with consecutive workouts every single day since I started my fitness challenge back 15 or so days ago. I may just rock at this thing yet. ;)

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I am off to clean my house a bit before dinner and a party with friends.

})i({ The for realzy RunnerGirl

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Unknown said...

I agree that you should only pace yourself as something you are comfortable with, but it does not hurt to challenge yourself - just not on race day.