Aug 30, 2007

Triple 3 for Thursday, AKA Tonight we dine in HELL!

Here is my 333rd post! So, you know... you have to acknowledge a cool number like that. Right?No recap on blogging life, how far I have come, or how far I have to go still. I think that those items are covered pretty much daily here anyhow.

Now back to the regularly scheduled post entitled "Now we dine in hell!"

Why that you ask? Am I having dinner in Hell, MI? No, although I will be on 9/8... but that is for another post. It is because that phrase has become a battle cry for me. That one statement from Braveheart, actually the only line I know, holds a lot of feeling behind it. It is saying that we are going to war today and we are prepared to die for our cause and burn in hell if we must.

Plus it is pretty cool.

So today I proclaimed well before my run that tonight, tonight I was going to dine in hell. Tonight I was seeking retribution for the sucky ass runs I have had in the past few weeks. I was going to war with myself and I was going to fight to the death. Either the death would be of my weak self, or of my will to carry on in this battle royale of running.

You see, today after work I met up with my running club. I stretched out and then one of the other newbies to the group asked if he could run with me as he knew that I would be doing the pavement, and a short distance. Since I had only 4 scheduled, and was planning on running them at just over a 12 minute mile, I agreed. Plus when in battle (even with one's self) it is always good to have another solider on the field.

So we took off.

I adore Maybury State Park. The hills are gradual and rolling, not at all crazy. The trails are nice, and the pavement is in the same area as the trails, so you feel surrounded by nature. You forget where you are so time flies. In fact, I completed my first mile in well under 11 minutes.

Mile 1 - 10:46

Me: What?

Running partner: What was that noise?

Me: I think it was a little piece of the weakness inside of me dying.

To be honest I was not pushing myself hard. We were talking the entire time!!! I do not think that I warmed up enough because it was at this point where the muscle right above my ankle on my shin tightened up and kept a grip. I ran for another 10th or so but then had to stretch it out. My running partner decided we should walk to let it fix itself. So we did. We walked right back to where we started!

Me: Darn it!

Running Partner: What?

Me: I think the weak me just fought back. Bitch. I'll teach her.

Mile 3 flew right by... seriously. It just flew right by. I do not even know how that happened. But before you knew it the Garmin was a beeping fool.

Me: Take that!

Weak Me: No!!!!!

Mile 4 flew by even quicker! As soon as we got .25 miles away from the start of it all, the Garmin let me know that I had one.

Me: And now take that!

Weak me: *panting... panting... guuurrrgle... poof*

We hd done the last 2 miles in no time flat, ending up with 4.28 miles in 57 and change. That is roughly a 13:23 pace... not stellar.... BUT - I walked an entire mile slowly. Holy crap. I did it! No run/walking (I am not including the 1 mile walking due to the cramping) for miles 1, 3 or 4! And I ran sub 11's not including the "cramp mile".

I won the battle royale against the weak me. But that does not mean that I have yet one this war. I do, however, have a strategy to!

After tonight's victory and stellar run, I feel much more confindent in my potential performance in Detroit in 2 months. Oooops! Less than 2 months now I guess! I am getting my new kicks tomorrow after work, then trying them out this weekend. I am so glad that I will finally have the support aand cushion that I need. No more crappy shoes! No more crappy miles I hope.

But that is how it goes.. some times you are Braveheart. Other times you are not.

Have a great Friday everyone! The weekend is nearly here... and with it comes a Holiday Monday! Yeah to 3-day weekends!


Ali said...

Great battle cry!

And awesome run! I love running with someone, I think it takes your mind of what you are doing and you push yourself without realising it.

Way to go!

Pat said...

Tonight you dined in hell and sat at the head of the table. good job. It's always nice to win a battle with the self you don't want to be.

Unknown said...

Great job! It seems like the battles with ourselves are the hardest to fight. You fought and conquered. CONGRATS!