Sep 1, 2007

Amusement for your weekend.

Alright. I am a thief. I have seen some pretty funny videos on other peoples' blogs and immediately thought... wow those are cool. I need those to shaare with all of you (who do not also happen to read their blogs).

So here are the best random vidoes of the week. IMHO that is.

The day after... this is what I looked like even after the CDC half marthon!!! (thank you JKRunning)

A stern warning for you iPod runners out there (Nike+ iPod that is) (Thank you Marcy)

And finally - this is NOT a typicla Ironman wanna be. This guy is messed up... admittedly. (Thank you to the peeps over at TriFAThlete for this *gem*)


Marcy said...

Ooooo I love the first one. Especially the last part with the nips LOL

Pat said...

Im liking youtube more and more. Any your new background is pretty cool too.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Pat! I wanted something a little more "journey-ish". ;)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the first one a few times and it makes me laugh everytime.

I like the new background too ... very cool

Runner Leana said...

Ohhh, the Flora London one makes me laugh. That will be me on January 14th post Goofy Challenge. And yeah, the guy in the last video is pretty hard core. That will teach me to watch random videos while eating lunch..!!

Shauna said...

The bloody nips are hilarious. I remember reading about them for the first time when I got Training Tips from the Mini.

I had heard about the empty bladder thing w/ Tour de France athletes. Yikes! I cannot even conceive of the freaking chaffing if you had to run after getting off your bike w/ wet pants. Can you imagine the BodyGlide he would go thru?