Sep 5, 2007

Cleaning up my act.

When you are an athlete, shouldn't you look like one?

I mean seriously?

I am a FAT runner.

I am getting my body in order and I have no qualms with that, I have however noticed that I am working so very hard on developing a killer athletic physique, but my nutrition is not quite aligned with said goal.

I have contemplated reverting back to my vegetarian ways 100%, but the hassel with living in a divided household is not worth it. Morally speaking I am still very anti fur and leather, however it has been hard to find running shoes without leather as a portion of the uppers. It has NOT been hard to avoid fur. *phew* ;)

I have instead decided to go back to nature. Clean eating. That pretty much means, if nature did not make it - I don't eat it. Organically raised or grown meats and veggies. No cheese. Soy milk (lite), and reduced fat dairy if neccessary.

Chicken/turkey/fish I will stick to for meats - no red meat or the self-proclaimed "other white meat" pork. Egg whites only. Veggies in any form as long asa they are sans butter (gag) or any other man-made crap-o-la. And of course - whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, etc.) and flour-free breads (AKA Ezekiel breads).

Over the next few months I am going to be easing into this lifestyle. It is a change, but one I need. I will always be an athena (the lowest "healthy" weight for me is still well above the 150 lb mark. Even when I was a size 6 I was an athena!!) but that does not mean that I need to jiggle when I am out there. And besides... the extra weight (around 50lbs, ha! And that does not include the 20 I already lost!!) makes running and swimming and biking that much more taxing on me.

So off with it for good. No fad diets.. no diets period. I am embracing the clean eating lifestyle.

Let's see if I am still embracing it after my first chocolate craving. ;)

On a running related note - training is going well still. I am getting excited, and the race is not until Oct 21st! I may need to slow my roll there.

Well - just wanted to top in an post a quick update to let uyou all (well the 5 of you) know that I am still alive and well. ;)

Here is to an awesome short week!
})i({ Chubbikins....errrr... Runnergirl.
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