Aug 28, 2007


This is sort of funny. Seeing some of the hillarious search words that other bloggers have had pop up on their sitemeters, I decided to take a look at my own. (I am such a lemming. lol)

While mine does not contain, say, boobs; fat chicks; big butted; etc., it does have a certain porn theme.

Go ahead. Do a search for 'runners porn'. I am the first one on the list baby. W00t!

I feel validated in some random little way.


Tonight I am heading out to Running Fit to meet up with the rest of the DWD volunteers. I am excited to see what duty I will be on. Since we are meeting up at 6:30PM, I hope that I will be able to catch a quick run either before hand or after the meeting.

I should be able to. After last night's snafu with forgetting my shoes, I need to make sure that my bad has EVERYTHING I could need in it should I choose to go ahead and do it prior to the meeting.

Have a great day everyone!




KdoubleA said...

I remember Running Fit! But I used to work at the New Balance in FH, so I have a bias.

There used to be a free group run at NB FH on Wednesday nights. About 40 people show up. It's a good time.

Unknown said...

It's SO AWESOME that running and ME were on the top of that list. Whoohoo!

Jenniferlyn said...

Hey - those are the priorities of this blog! Running and you! ;)