Aug 17, 2007

Thank Goodness It is Friday!



Last night I did a run/walk mile, instead of a TT. I had eaten a large dinner (I was starving!) aand when I got out for my run, I started to feel sick. Oh well. I did something, and I feel good for it. Tonight is a rest night for running or even cardio, so I will be hitting the gym for some strength, abs, and stretching.

8/16, 9:00 PM EST
Run/Walk 1 mile: 12:00 minutes on the dot.
RECAP: Felt good running again. My left knee is a little tender. I buted out sub 1-muinute mile pace while running around a 10:40 on average) and walked slowly when walked to settle down the tummy.


I am a little happy that this week has flown by so quickly. Not for any particular reason, but I feel like I still need some rest. I have been trying to get 8 hours of sleep a night, but still manage to get more and remain exhausted for good portion of the day. I am going to play around with the sleep thing for a while until I get it right. I go know tht my body respond to odd hours of leep best. I feel better with 5 or 7 hour of sleep than I do 6 or even 8. I do not know why that is, but it has helped me stay alert on some looooong nights in college. Studying of course

I am finally feeling some order in my life. The past month has been huge emotional time for me. Not about anything really dramatic, only in my happiness in my career choices. I am an engineer. Manufacturing in particular. That is derived from mechanical, but then we study elctronics and materials as well as human safety factors, and ergonomics/human movement. Pretty much I want things to fail and then find out why. Exciting stuff really.

Months ago I said that I had a big suprise... something that I would not be telling until the time is right. Well I have agonied over this choice for month now and I have got all the ducks in order, a plan in place, and am executing the plan starting 9/4.


I have been reflecting back on what my Senior III Biology professor told me
right before graduation. "You should go into the health sciences. You have
such a nack for people, as well as the drive to help them. I think you
can do good things out there."

This really hit me hard, because first off - I started school to be an
engineer that was not wanting to work in automotive. I wanted to
be a genetic engineer and help find cures for diseases. I wanted
to help people. The first step was to get an engineering degree... then go
to med school.

Well I got sucked into automotive as you tend to do when you live in
Michigan and attend the former General Motors Institute of Engineering and

I told my prof that it was too late. I had completed my thesis, and
was 10 days out from gradauting with my degree. My path was
set. She told me... no it is not. It is never too late to do
what you truly love in life.
Flash forward 6 years and now I am
in a situation where I can do something about it all.

Since I am now paying for my Master's degree out of pocket, I have decided that I do not want my MS in Engineering Management, nor my MBA. Instead I am taking the steps to learn about what I really want to, what I have wanted to for years but never had the courage to do it.

I am currently working on my Graduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise Science here at Oakland University so I can graduate and be done with OU once and for all. (it has taken me three years at less thn part-time pace to work towrds my MS degree in Engineering Management/MBA.)

While I am working on my Graduate Cert., I will be studying for my Personal/Fitness Trainer certification which is through a recognized association/council such as the ACE (American Council for Exercise) or the NASM (National Associate of Sports Medicine). After receiving my CPT and graduating from Oakland University, I will be moving on for my M.S. in Human Movement with a concentration in Corrective Exercise. After completion of the MS degree, I will then take my advanced certification in Corrective Exercise Science.

I may not be able to help people on a gentic or molecular level, but I can still help people achieve goals and recover.

And that makes me happy.

I hope that you all are doing thing that make you happy. I have learned that when you deny yourself what you truly desire in life... you are doing yourself a big disservice. There comes a time in each of our lives that we must put the stake in the ground, and follow through with the choices we make. Good or bad. That is how we grow as people.

})i({ Runner Girl


Shump said...

That is great, good luck. Your professor was right, it is never too late to do what you love. Keep up the good work.

TNTcoach Ken said...

That was profound and good luck on this new and exciting path. I think we tend to get comfortable in our financial place in life and forget about the things that we have passion for.

The Professor said...

Excellent, good luck to you.

Follow your heart, I did. Everyone told me I was crazy, but I went into EXS as opposed to PT, and I am happy I did. I never expected to teach for a living, but if I hadn't gone the EXS route, I wouldn't have been a teaching Grad Assistant at OU. It was that experience that brought me into teaching as a full-time profession.

I graduated from OU's Exercise Science Program. I love Drs. Goslin, Rorke and Jarski. They are truly great men and professors. I remain friends with both Goslin and Jarski to this day. It is a great program.

Dr. Rorke is a great one to talk to about ergonomics and movement sciences. Goslin also has done several papers on Human Gait issues, in fact I wrote my paper on impact and ground reactive forces in running for The Big G. They both can give you a great deal of info on corrective issues in movement. With your engineering background you can understand the biomechanics better than most that go through the program (myself included). As a runner I love working on gait issues, breaking down the movement. Also, Rorke is an accomplished ultra marathoner, having completed The Comrades Ultramarathon 14 or 15 times I think. Talk to him about the old days of running marathons, using coke for a sports drink, or having steak and chips along the route.

I would make one recommendation about certifications. I would recommend the NSCA CPT or CSCS cert. It is probably the sinlge most legit cert. It is the one that most Athletic Trainers, Sports Med and Exercise Physiologist get. It is of the highest caliber. They are more highly looked upon than ACE or NASM.