Aug 27, 2007

Not gonna sweat it.


Yesterday we went to breakfast and then I did some much needed grocery shopping. Upon my return home, I suited up (so-to-speak) and headed out to Kennsington Metropark to get in my 6 miles in perfectly sunny, but not at all hot 76* weather.

I was going to try the run/walk method to see how it would go. I set my Nike Triax on 5:1. Then I started out on a really, really sucky run. I ran sans Garmin because although it is usefull, I refuse to wear both a watch and a GPS. I can set intervals on the Garmin, however they are run/rest, not run/walk. Or maybe I am just missing that feature. ;P

6 simple no issue miles was all that I had to do. Easy enough, right? Ernnnt. My body doth protest too much. I was mentally in it, but my body was physically out of it. It took a LOT of energy to get those darn legs moving. I really struggled through the 5 minutes, and relished the minute walks. SAD. I did a total of 2 miles, because I felt miserable. And my motto is if I am not enjoying the run, I ain't runnin'.

I refuse to beat myself up over this. On some days it as if "I am queen of the world" and on other days I am more like the Titanic itself, sinking. Fast. If it happens again this week I will be a bit more concerned, but I am feeling more energized today than I have in a long time. I think that this will be a good week. No, no. Correct that. This is going to be a good week for training. (See, positive thoughts!)




RunToTheFinish said...

We all have the good and the bad, sometimes it takes the bad to make the good even sweeter. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Nice effort, Jenn. Great job!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you both! I am trying.... and I shall ucceed ***evil laugh***