Jul 9, 2007

Mexico is Hot and Rainy.

My hotel in Guadalajara, MX

I tricked Blogger so now I can post! W00t!!!

Today I re-discovered that Mexico is actually pretty cool. Yeah, I knew this already, but have been sort of bitter about this trip. It just interferes too much with my life, lol. But hey - I can consider it a little mini-vacay even though I am working.

Let me recap my day:
*Got up at 4:30AM (3:30AM Guad local time) to head out to Aeropuerto.
*Made it in good time, went through security no issues. Boarded the plane (GOLD ELITE Baby!!!!!) and narrowly missed the 1st class upgrade that I am offered due to my GOLD ELITE status. (Can you tell that I am freaking excited about being GOLD elite? Travel has paid off!) Slept on the plane a lot. I was tired!
*Landed in Hot-Lanta, GA only to see that my connecting flight had no gate listed... and I was in an airport that has 7 concourses... none anywhere near the others, and NO departure boards. So I ran to end end of 1 concourse (time check 9:20AM - my flight to Mexico boards at 9:45AM) only to see that I need to be over one more concourse... which is like 20 minutes away. So I run. In very uncomfortable shoes. I get to the correct gate JUST as they were calling my name to switch my ticket and board. *whew*
*Had the most annoying plane trip ever to GDL! Two loud screaming kids in back of me kicking the seat, beating the seat, and all around being annoying, plus the guy sitting next to me kept picking his nose, sneezing, and wiping his hands all over the place. SKEEVES ME OUT. I am a germ freak - and that annoys me. Oh and to top it off, he kept blowing his nose... ewwwww. So I slept some more. Well between kicks and screams that is. And I made a huge dent in my Tri book.
*Make it through customs with no issues, and even got the green light (you have to press a button on a stop sign, green you are free to leave. Red you must surrender your bags and have them searched. Yeah. While you leave. You have got to love customs!
*Co-worker picks me up and drops me off at my hotel. The workers here are almost TOO nice. *Get to my room, settled in for a few minutes then enjoyed some comida at one of the casual retaurante's (Frutas y Flores - es muy delicioso!),
*Headed out to the pool to get in a few drills before the rain hit.
*Rain hit HARD
*Ate dinner in my room then went back to the gym and got in my chest and tri workout.
*Yes people - I worked out twice today!!!!!

It is actually slightly warmer in Michigan than in Guadalajara right now. But it is still muy caliente!

One observation as to how much this city has changed in the year and a half since my last visit - they have tons of Starbucks now! And a lot of American resturants like Chili's and McDonalds. I will not be frequenting those establishment, but still... it is odd to me. At first glance, I would think that I was in El Paso, or someplace in Arizona. But then I see the crazy taxi cabs and all of the street vendors, and the people backing up on the highway to make a wrong turn... and I remember that I am definitely in Mexico. DEFINITELY IN MEXICO.

Guad is the "Silicon Valley" of Mexico And it shows. Holy cow. There are TONS of shopping centers. Lots of car dealerships (some pretty cool Renaults and SEAT's here). In fact I am right across the street from the largest and oldest of such shopping centers, Plaza Del Sol.

Rest easy my friends - I have plenty of Iced Tea to get me through. And one of Mike's shirts so I am sure to sleep well tonight. *awww*

I am bummed because my cell phone does not work properly here. I have an International plan, but somehow it does not allow me to call FROM Mexico - only TO it. Yeeeaaaahhh.... that is not going to work for long.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am at our Periferico plant (AKA the Ghetto Guad plant) and then Thursday I am in La Tiejera (AKA the Garden of Eden Guad Compound). Friday I leave for home.

This week my co-worker Daniel (From Germany) is going to take me all around Guad so I can see more than this block. I really wish that I had my camera, but a lot of the pictures would be exactly the same as last year, so no real loss I guess!

All this and I have been up since 4 30 AM. Time for bed soon!

I am just impressed that I managed two workouts... while in a foreign country, for business. *pats self on back* Ouch that hurt... my tris are still sore.

On another note - running oddly enough - I am scheduling just 3, 2-mile runs this week. Guad is a death trap for pedestrians. So I am chained to the dreadmill by my boyfriend, as he does not want me to come home in a pine box. Trust me I am not complaining. The man loves me, I love him, and I sorta want to live out my life not being crippled... or dead. So this week not only am I swimming my heart out, lifting weights like Draper, I will be running on the treadmill. Just not so much like Dean. I can only take so much, you know?

I feel so bad because I missed my 8 miler Sunday due to travel stuff. Ugh. So I am definitely getting in at least 2 miles at a time just to even things out and not loose my running mojo!


Go big... or go home! That is the fun part of the journey.


Shump said...

Good luck in Mexico, I know it sucks to try to workout while traveling, much less eat right. I appreciate your comments. For some reason the long one did not post, but I appreciate it anyway. Your story is very motivational and one I will come back to read about often.

Unknown said...

It's suppose to get cooler here up North. When you get back, it will be great running weather.

TNT Coach Ken

Brooke said...

2 miles shouldn't be too bad on the dreadmill.

Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

working out twice in Mexico, very impressed ... I would of had problems leaving the pool ... where i would of been sipping cocktails not doing drills

Unknown said...

I have to say that Phoenix is just as bad as Hot-lanta for their airports. TOO many terminals and had problems during my 1st time there.

Have a great time in Mexico!

KdoubleA said...

Good Luck in Mexico! I will 2nd the "it's hard to eat right while traveling" comment. But it can be done!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you've already had quite an adventure just getting to Mexico. Kudos for getting in your workouts. Oh and "the people backing up on the highway to make a wrong turn"...that happens all the time here in Houston. It would be just like home for me. :-)

Jess said...

Have fun in Mexico! Drink a Dos Equis for me!

Marcy said...

OMG you are sooo motivated!!! LMAO I can't believe you got even got one workout in!

Have fun shopping (you are going to shop, right? LOL)!!! Gawd I'm jealous!!

Pat said...

Hope you had a good time south of the border. I like running on vacation, however, you do want to be safe down there.