Jul 8, 2007

360-degree perspective

~The Week Ahead~


Waking up this beautiful and HOT morning, I stretched out and then realized that today is my last morning in America until next Saturday. Not too long of a trip, not too short of a trip, just about right.

As I was thinking about heading for the border, I also got thinking of not only all of the stuff I need to do today (can we say procrastination?) but of all of the stuff I want to do while in Mexico.

This is how you know that you are hitting your training mojo... all while still enjoying running... I actually am excited to be training while I am south of Freedom. Seriously now. I am bringing my running shoes, swimsuit, and my swim drill book. I am sticking with my trength training plan, and running plan to the best of my abilities.

You know that you are a running nerd when you think more about running through the state of Jalisco than you think about shopping there. HOW SAD. Especially since Jalisco is an artisian state, and a few km away is Tlaquepaque, which is a HUGE shopping area much like a flea market but better.

So I am thinking of how I am going to train given that Guadalajara is in its rainy season now. I figure tht I can always skip the running if it gets bad, and I am very against running outside, as the traffic is so bad there tht I would be asking for trouble. Let's put it this way - there are over 5 million residents in Guadalajra. It is second only to Mexico City in size and population. That many people + many many cars + really REALLY bad drivers = trouble for walkers or runners.

The pool is an outdoor one, heated (like that is an issue right now) so hopefully I will be able to get in the pool one or two nights. The one thing I know for sure that I will keep up with, is my strength training. The hotel I am staying in actually has a spa in it, with a complete workout facility. If I need more, I can always head out to an off site gym, at a HUGE cost however.

As a back up plan, I am also bringing along a DVD player with lots acardio DVDs. Darn it I will stay on track! ;) I just need to remove any posibility of excues.

So enough babble of my pending week - let me leave you all this beautiful Sunday in July with a weekend wrap up. (see - 260* all around lol *ahem* I am a nerd. And I just continue to prove it don't I?)

~The Week Behind~

~Strength training~

It felt SO good to get back in the gym this week. I miss the feeling of strengthening my body. I have missed the free weights, the cable machine, the other machines. It had been too long. I cannot go nother 2 weeks without the gym, so I am sticking to the 5 day a week plan. Taking time off due to exhaustion was neccessary, however I realized that there is enough time in the day for my running and weights. I jut have to be dilegent about both.


Yeah, uuummm... I really did not run this week. *sigh* I had a friend up in Flint need me, so I spent the night with her Monday, Tuesday I slept for 16 hours due to the lack of sleep from earlier in the week. Wednesday was the 4th and I went to Detroit for the Cityfest (aka the Taste of Detroit), and then I went to the metropark to watch fireworks with Mike in the evening. Thursday I was just lazy. Friday was a rest day. Saturday was cross-training and today is my long run of 8 miles. Which I am doing later. I swear.


Yeah So I have major bike envy. I see people on bikes and I think, man If only mine did not get stolen last year I could be out riding my very own bike instead of having to borrow MIke's. But I am getting bike in a month or so, and I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for it. My very own bike!!!! *le sigh* How awesome. *giggles* I am such a little girl when it comes to bikes. I want a nice one, red or pink, and I will be very very happy!

Also a friend at work loaned me her husband's Total Immersion flip-book. I am taking this book with me so I can practice some of the drills. How excited am I???? Yeah, excited.


I found out this week tht a very close friend of mine is going to have a baby! I am so excited because thi i teh cloest peron to me to be having a child. Sure a lot of my friends are married, and that in itself is weird, but a baby! A living human being. How amazing!!

Mike and I already know that we are not having children, so when our friends turn up pregnant we get super excited because we have figured that our lives were meant to be the doting spoiling aunt and uncle who gives the kid everything, and then turn them back loose to their parents. I love this!!

~Wrap Up~

OK, well that is about it. Time to get ready for the day. Packing, sorting, cleaning, meeting up with a friend for lunch, running, and all around preperation work.

Ahhh... you gotta love travel!

I will be able to blog still, I think, so I may or may not be absent for a week. Expect plenty of pictures, and some mobile posting!!

Keep on keeping on!

~})i({~ RunnerGirl


Anonymous said...

Have fun in mexico!
Congrats to your friend.

L*I*S*A said...

Hope to see you at the Crim this year. :)

Marcy said...

Have fun!!! You ARE dedicated LOL There would be no room for running shoes in my luggage haha

Congrats to your friend! Babies are always nice, especially when they aren't yours :P

Unknown said...

Have a great time in Mexico. Sounds like fun!

TX Runner Mom said...

Have a great trip!

Unknown said...

Have fun and keep on keeping on!

TNT Coach Ken

Shump said...

Just stumbled on your blog and it rocks. Keep up the great work, I have said for a while on my blog that it is all about the journey!

Jenniferlyn said...

l*i*s*a - I am SO doing the CRIM again this year. I took 1 year off, then did the 5k last year. I am back to the 10 miler baby! I am so excited!

And thank you everyone! It is pretty nice here so far. Rainy season, so it is a tad cooler here than in Michigan... oddly enough.

I swam and worked out today, so tomorrow AM is running a nice 2 miles (I am scheduling only 2 milers this week due to work constraints, and pure logistics issues - Guadalajara is HUGE and a lot of pedestrian casualties - so I am going to have to hit the treadmil. Ugh). After dinner is Back and Bis.

I am proud that on a travel day, and given that I have been up since 4:30AM I am still awake.

I guess sleeping on a plane does that to you!

Night all!