Jul 14, 2007

I am home! I am home!

I made it home alright yesterday. I made one teensy weensy little error on Thurday night however... so let me just start there.

**does Wayne and Garth's fading out sequence*

Thursday night after work, I got early enough so I decided to head out to the movie theater to catch Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix. It ws offerend in English, so I decided to go ahead and watch it there instead of waiting until I got back to the US.

Good movie overall, not my favorite in the series as far as movies go but none the less it was a good time. It was missing a lot from the book as the moves always do, but I feel as though if I had not read the book some things would not have made a lot of sense or held the same importance.

But as usual I digress. After the movie ended, I went to get some pesos for the cab ride to the airport in the morning. The bank was closed, so I had to find random ATM. Found the only one in the area, however it did not take American Express. I ended up taking money out of my hotel room. Thank goodness otherwise I would be in big trouble!

So I get back to my room, order dinner in, and then start my packing. At about 11:30PM I decided to review my plane trip for the next day.

Somehow I thought that my plane left at 8:30AM, so I would have to be at the ariport at 6:30AM, nd awake by 5:30. ERRRNT Wrong. My plane left at 6:30AM! I would have to be there at 4:30AM! Holy crap. I would have to wake up at 3:30AM, and it was already 11:30PM. Needless to say, I got so very little sleep before heading out on my return home. I really need to check my return trip plans well in advance!

I slept as much as I could on both planes, but the problem is that I have no idea if I was out for hours at a time or minutes. I kept waking up, readjusting myself, then falling back asleep. When I finaly landed in Detroit, I headed over to Mike's terminal and hung out with him until he took me home. After a nice dinner of chinese food, I came home and brewed some tea... then crashed. It was fter 10:00PM. I had been up for 18 1/2 hours and needed some major sleepage.

I am still a little tired today. In fact I am contemplating taking a little nap before I work on some chores and head to the gym to get in a nice swim workout. I was going to bike today but it is rainy so swimming sound just as fun. Tomorrow is a nice long 9 miles running.

I hope that you all had a good week!

RunnerGirl - out to go sleep just a little more!


Unknown said...
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Marcy said...

Me and my stupid typos :P

Phhhhewwww lucky you checked those flight plans!! Now get yourself some well needed rest!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back!