Jul 6, 2007

It is like Amazon.com doesn't even know me anymore.

You know that you are a straight up NERD when Amazon.com picks the above book as a good "read" for me. I am an engineer, true, but seriously? Do I want to read the Handbook for Mechanical Engineers in my spare time? Nope.

I mean honestly Amazon, I am a MANUFACTURING Engineer, not mechanical. Sheesh. They cannot even get that right. So guess again. Where is Harry Potter? Where is Running for Dummies? Where is 4 months to a 4 hour Marathon, or ANYTHING by Jeff Galloway? Where are the Food Network cookbooks, a good Stephen King Novel, or even a beginner trithlete book?

I mean, it is like Amazon.com doesn't even know me anymore.

I feel a little betrayed. The second book they recommend for me is called Vegetariana. When I was vegetarian this would have been my dream book, and I actually know the author. She is an amazing and devoted woman to boot. But now, I have been forced to welcome fleshy protiens back into my life, so I guess one more strike against Amazon. They just do not pay attention anymore.

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Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

ROFLMAO! You totally got the shaft!! Even I was recommended "Daniel's Running Formula" (whatever the hell that is) along with "Backyardigan's Sticker Book" Hi, can you tell I have a 3 year old LOL