Jul 6, 2007

My very first swim workout since I was 5.

Last night I headed to the gym, did legs, tris, chest, and shoulders (made up for my lack of activity lately!) and then preceeded to hit the pool for a quick "free-style" practice.

I can do the breast stroke no prob. The back stroke, genius. However, the freestyle has been the one swimming form that I have been scared crapless of. It boils down plain and simple to one element of this stroke that I struggle with - breathing. *shudder* I have to put my face in the water and then manage to inhale off to the side, all the time NOT intaking more water than air?

I honestly feel as tho I am going to either suffocate or pass out due to hyperventilation. I realized last night that I need to work on my stroke a little bit, kicking is good, and my breathing is by far the worst thing. I really need to work on that. *gulp* I either do not blow out both my nose and mouth, resulting in too much air being left in my lungs for the intake, or I frantically breathe out trying to get rid of said reserved air, so I have time to take an inhale when the opportunity arises. Half the freaking length of the pool and I am exhausted due to my lack of efficiency. BUt I can make it the whole length no problem, I just need to really focus on thoe elements - stroke, form, and breaathing. It is simple, right? I guess I can alway do the breast stroke for 600 meters. ;)

Mike taught me in 5 minute last night (the basic concept of the stroke plus breathing) what my swim coach was unable to do in weeks of lessons. Basically I was 5 or 6 years old when I took swimming lessons, and the only stroke I could not get down was the freestyle. I just made do with the breast stroke, and if I got too tired doing that, I would flip over and do the back stroke. Well on the bright side, I definitely have something to work on while I am in Mexico next week. You know. Aside from actual work.

On the running front I have been one lazy arse this week. Not one foot was even walked since my 7 miler on Sunday. Monday I was hanging out with my friend, and it is my rest night. Tuesday I slept, literally, all night. Wednesday I was busy with 4th of July things, and honestly was trying to recover from an entire night of sleep (and by entire night I do mean 16 hours... yeah I was THAT tired), and Thurday was an "exchange dollars to pesos for my trip" and "relax at home with Mike" day. I needed to feel as though I had a "for real" day off. I worked a bit in the morning and the afternoon due to a supplier issue, but other than that, I lounged around and still managed to get a wonderful night's sleep. I woke up at 6AM on the dot.

Tonight is a night out at the Werks, Saturday is weights and swimming at the gym, then biking in the afternoon (8-10 miles), and Sunday is my 8 miler (running). I feel OK as long as I get in my long run on the weekends, and if I need to reat like I did this week it is better than pushing through because my body tends to head to injury if I do not rest properly. (read: justification for being a lazy arse this week!)

Well off to update my workoutlog from last night.


Unknown said...

I have the same exact issues with the freestyle! At least you know the breast stroke...the only other stroke I know is backstroke. Way to go for getting in the pool!

Unknown said...

Nice job, Jenn!

Anonymous said...

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