Jul 28, 2007

Contemplation & Negative Splits!

With just a few short weeks left until the CDC, I am faced with a decision. To run it, or to go watch it.

I missed 3 weeks of training due to travel and exhaustion (both physical and mental). The exhaustion was not due to running however, but due to other life events. So now I wonder, do I start the race knowing that I am not as prepared as I wish I was, or do I not start it and wonder what if?

I think that I will make my final decision come that weekend in August. Either way I will be in Chicago (It is my birthday afterall), but I just know that there will be a deep sadness in my heart knowing that I came all that way, had my friends rallied around me, and never even toed up to the start line. My main point is to go out there and have fun. So what if my time will not be a PR? If I make the run fun, then why not start it?

We will see.

On the running front, today I went out for a nice three miles. I did not obsess over time, and in fact I even left my iPod at home and just ran with the Garmin.

I managed to average a 12:01 minute mile over the 3 miles. In fact, mile 1 was at 12:10, and mile 2 was at 11:58. ;) And mile 2 had the most hills!!!! I ran negative splits!!!!!!!!

Did you hear me Coach Ken?


I am so geeked you do not even know. And my non-hilly pace was right around 11:30 - and that was my casual pace.

I think taking the forced R&R, coupled with me starting back in on lower miles is giving me the mental hope I needed. I had fun out there and really enjoyed those 3 miles of just thinking.

I am heading back out to KMP tomorrow to get in 5 or 6. This week I want to run 4-5 every running day, then next weekend do 8 or 9. The week after, is the week prior to the run, I want to get in a nice 3 or so... just to be rested for race day should I toe the line.

I can recover... I just need to get my head out of the sand. Buck up. And do it.

I hope that everyone out there is enjoying this weekend!

Peace. Love. And hotcakes.


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