Jun 30, 2007

A nice mellow 7.71 mile bike ride

I decided after my last post to head out for some cross-training... a bike ride. My intention was 10 miles. Due to construction and fatigue - I did 7.71 at a SLOW near constant 7 minute miles.

I am actually cycling slower than some of you run! Oh well - it was only my 2nd time on a bike in 3 years. I need to get into the sweet-spot of gear shifting and find my innner cycling mojo! But I enjoyed every single mile of it.

50 minutes on the dot! If I had ran that same distance and pace, I would have burned 1401 calories... but alas... ;)

I did some major bike thinking while out there, and in my last post amybe I was being too hard on the situation. Maybe I should just conceed and get a mountain bike and ride that for the 2008 tri season, then see if I want to invest in a nice road bike next fall.

In my heart I really want my own "greased lightning" road bike. I am so afraid of settling for the hybrid or MTB and then every single race or group training session, longing for and possibly even coveting somone else's "greased lightning" bike. I think that Mike and I are going to have to learn together on this one.

And you know what? he did his first duathlon on his Trek 800 Sport MTB, so it can be done. Even Iron Wil said that in her last tri there were people on MTBs there as well.

I tell you - it is a heck of a lot cheaper to get a nice MTB versus a cheap road bike.

*sigh* I just do not have the answer right now.

But I will not let my quest for the perfect bike take away from any of my accomplishments! I feel so accomplisshed on my 7.71 miler today. That is the longest I have been on a bike since I was like 13!

I am getting back into the cycling groove, and using this as the PERFECT cross-training for my half marthon training. Mike and I are going to start swimming as well, and with the continuation of our gym dates for strength training, I think that I will be pretty well rounded fitness wise by the end of this year.

I am finishing up week 3 of my HM training schedule (7 miles running on tap for tomorrow!), and entering Pre-Pre-training season for my tris. In September I am going to start swimming with a coach, and I should have much better biking legs by then as well.

All for the sake of fitness!

I am not in it to win it, but I am in it for life.

I hope that all of you are enjoying this nice fine weekend!



Unknown said...

Great effort,Jenn!

Jess said...

I like your comment "I'm not in it to win it; I'm in it for life"; I need to keep that in mind, so thanks!